Too sleepy to stay awake,
too tired to go to sleep.

I’m almost willing to let go, although…

Shila Iris +

Everywhere, the human mind races
Everywhere the heart beats fast, even when it’s steady.

You say you’re awake, but I know, you’re still sleeping.
Rest well.


The Dance


The seduction imposed on us by vibrant reminiscence
can drag us into the despair of continuous repetition of sad memories,

just as easily as it can lead us…

into the highest triumph of freely creating a new counter-gesture: the dance.

From then on, our movements become lighter than air,
ethereal gestures into space, away from all heaviness.

Rhythm, cadence, syncopation reach ear and eye,
and man is unobtrusively dragged back into the very beginning of his existence,
together with others he undergoes a common regression.

Close your eyes and see.

I’m dancing, dance with me. Dance with my children.

we know the truth,

shila iris

Word is Bond [15]


The answers are inside of you.  Are you ready for the truth?

Modern-day thoughts and proverbs by Shila Iris … and a few others 

Thank you for visiting.

Shila Iris

Dark Matter


It is in the way     that you hear my voice
It is in the way     that you feel my heartbeat
It is the sound of me,
reflecting you
that sustains us

I am dressed in the light of your darkness …It is the knowledge of things flowing

The adding and subtracting
The zig-zag motion
It is the silence
The way that you go into my mind and find remnants of past lives
This is our now, is our future
is our life
is our children

is our everything

The way that you see me

The way that you vibrate inside of me
The waves in our frequency

The water, so pure, so charged

Reimagining love into something more

Something beyond this language

The way of you and I

Is unknown to the eye
You must travel into and beyond

to be Us…

the way of his words
the way of his touch
never to pass judgment
never to silence me

only to see clearly…

by Shila Iris


No one ever leaves you…


All these memories, too much to lose
I don’t need faith, I just want you…

Old man, let me wipe your eyes
I’ve never seen you cry

Old friend, in our own sweet time
We’ll say a good, goodbye
All my life, I know by now

All these memories, too much to lose
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I don’t need truth
No one ever leaves you

You’d say, this is all there is
And every time you’d blink, you’d miss
another piece of this wondrous world

All I’d ask is why you’d leave so soon
Everybody seems to
I don’t need faith, I just want you
No one ever leaves you

Everybody raise a glass, oh, here’s to a good goodbye
Everybody raise a glass, oh, here’s to a good goodbye
Everybody raise a glass, oh,  here’s to a good goodbye
Oh, everybody raise a glass, oh

All these memories too much to lose
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I don’t need truth
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I just want proof

Goodnight and goodbye…

Shila Iris

P.S. Dedicated to everyone who has ever been a part of my life, and for those who have crossed my path. Thank you.

BLACK HISTORY: Tribute to the Wonderful Bob Marley


We’ve been celebrating Robert Nesta Marley all month!  I love reggae.  If you’re in CLE, check out the Ark Band tonight.  They were amazing in Columbus last week.  That stage was on fire!!!  We danced the night away!  Shout out to my friend Mark Hunter aka C-LA-C-I, lead singer of the Ark Band.  He was absolutely magickal on stage… and thank you all who came out to celebrate the 4th night of my birthday with me!  Lol.  Yes, the 4th night!  I had 7!

Peace and love,

20 Feet TaLL


Chant with me… peace and blessings to you.

The Orijin Store – Amazing African Accessories


Look closely at this bag.  Now scream!  This is absolutely beautiful.  For a person like me, who loves African and African-inspired fashion, I feel like I hit a gold mine.  Sistas and brothas, you must indulge in this greatness.

Today is Friday, and perhaps you have some extra cash, or disposable income left, and want to reward yourself for a goal that you accomplished.  Well, this is the way to do it! Check out the Orijin Store!  I am all about African fashion and this company hit the nail on the head with this line of amazing accessories.

Ori j i nal Design, Culturally Inspired.  Visit Orijins website to see the full collection of bags, glasses, and signature clothing.  Given my beliefs in living the Nguzo Saba 365, this is a purchase I can be proud of because it’s for us, by us.  You can share in this greatness too, if you’re ready.  Sure, break the rules!  🙂

I will be getting one of these amazing bags.  Based on my experiences with leather, the price is really good – $169.  I think you should go for it.  I love, love, love it.  No pressure, though, you don’t have to love it.  Just give it some time.  I’m sure you will.

Shot out to Orijin for supporting my art on Instagram.  Much love.  Peace.

You can find them on IG @orijinculture and I am @kushqueendom

I’m sending signals to your mental, so we can connect… see you soon, 

Shila Iris 

A Heartbeat Away


“I felt like a piece of art, and the fingers of the Sun were sculpting me into an amazing figure.”  -Shila Iris

I woke up this morning at 6 a.m. because my Father called. I wasn’t ready to talk to him, but when my Mother called an hour later, I knew that I should talk to one of them. My parents have been separated for the past 17 years, so these calls, coming from different homes scared me a bit. However, I learned that they hadn’t spoken to one another at all. They both just wanted to talk. This felt wonderful, to be thought of by the people who created me, at the same time, but from different places in the world. After talking with my Mother, I walked into my living room, and let the Sun shine on my body. It hit every part of me, and it reminded me of how alive I am. I felt like a piece of art, and the fingers of the Sun were sculpting me into an amazing figure. The Sun is the only one who sees me naked. I got dressed, and walked across the street to the park. I laid in the grass, in the sunshine. Facing the sky with my eyes closed, the music in my heart allowed me to see my way home. Clairvoyance.

I am Alive.

The Healing Ritual: The time I spend alone, has been pretty amazing. Each day has been a roller coaster. There are so many things that run through my mind, but the last thought of each day is, I am so glad to be here, facing my fears. We are always right where we’re supposed to be. Cast your fears aside, and live your wonderful life.

“From where you are, to where I am, I can feel your heart, beat.”  -Shila Iris

… and when I opened my eyes, this is the person that walked into my life:


Far away from that life, so young, that’s when you used to know
Many dreams since then you’ve fed up, come and gone that time might show
But stress, don’t you let it
Don’t you forget it
Trust you’ll find your way to love
Hope is what your heart is made of

And don’t you forget it
Don’t you forget your way home
For that little girl
Hold on to your world
And don’t you forget it
Don’t you forget your way home
For that little girl
Hold on to your world
You’re worlds apart from first when life was dark
Understanding what it means to have got
Nothing but your heavy, broken heart
Memories of what used to be
When change comes responsibility
Don’t forget, where you are, ain’t where you’ve been
Life’s lessons then
Made you into woman

Hold on, hold on… (Yeah oh ooh)
Don’t you be afraid
‘Cause a heart beat away
Is all that you’d never think that sentiment will mean to you
No need to cry
You can dry your eyes
‘Cause you can count on the love that through the years
Helped you face your fears and subside your tears
Everything will be OK
Don’t you be afraid (No)
Don’t you be afraid
No, baby…


Healing Ritual:  Lay in the Sun. I got really sick last week. What started as a throat ache turned into 6 days of headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, hunger pains, a constantly running nose, hives, coughing, pure torture! I caught a bug. I took Vitamin C, RAW Multivitamins, and antihistamines to relieve the fever. On day 3, I really needed ginger and soup, so I pulled myself together and went to the store. This made it worse!  It’s like I picked up more germs in the store.  Later, a friend told me that I should have used Uber. They now deliver food. Maybe in the future, I’ll consider this since I am alone in a new city. Finally, today, I can stand up again. Laying in the Sun really helped. It seemed to rejuvenate my body. I even went to the gym and ran 2 miles!  Make sure you use the Sun to heal. Peace.

Shila Iris



Say Yes


I guess I’m going through something because I am wide awake and it’s 5 a.m. I don’t need sleep in this season of my life!  So, I am here. I loved these two together, the equation was perfect. This song is youthful, and so romantic. I love it!

Tonight, or this morning, this will have to serve as the elixir to put me to sleep.
I am a poet, so these lyrics really reach right into my soul and make me feel soft, like a woman. Lol.

“There is only one for me
You have made that possibility
We can take that step to see
If this is really gonna be…

Loving you has taken time, taken time
But I always knew you could be mine
I recognize the butterflies, inside me, Uh
Since it’s gonna be made tonight, tonight
All you gotta do is say yes…” 


You are awake too? Peace and Love,

Shila Iris

P.S. This song was written by Marsha Ambrosia & Andre Lewis who produces for Jill Scott. Honestly, I like Ambrosia with Floetry. I haven’t really been able to get into any of her solo music. I think these two long time friends just lyrically and melodically go together. I hope they have gotten over their differences. Maybe I’ll get to see them perform one day. Peace.

My Introduction to Kara Walker



Back in 2011, I spent a lot more time than I am willing to admit, in an ongoing conversation with a dear friend of mine. We were consistently conversing, texting, emailing, Skyping, and meeting up to share our worlds with one another. One day, this wonderful companion of mine sent me an email with a link to Kara Walker’s website. I took a look. It was pretty amazing. Her style of storytelling is appealing to the eye in its simplicity, and culturally relevant, urging humanity to reach inside themselves and find out who they really are. With that same friend who I spent most of 2011 talking with, I was honored, this past Fall, to see the Kara Walker exhibit: “The Ecstasy of St. Kara,” which reflects upon the complex history of Christianity and the myths surrounding slavery- worldwide and in the lives of Black people. Kara’s work supports mental growth and spiritual evolution. It makes me think about where I was, where I am, and where I want to be. I am grateful to have experienced Kara’s ecstasy.

… a little behind, celebrated my birthday on February 13, and been under the weather, but now I’m on top! Peace and love! Gonna continue to celebrate the African Diaspora. You should too.

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

Thank you for reading,




Happy Kwanzaa!



Isn’t she beautiful? I’m just saying.


Shila Iris 

Shila Kwanzaa

Stay tuned for my blog series, Kwanzaa After Dark… coming, tonight, after dark! ♥

DAY 1 – KWANZAA AFTER DARK: Afrikan Aesthetics May Lead You ThereKwanzaa Day 1

DAY 2 –  KWANZAA AFTER DARK: Gil Scott-Heron & My koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-ahKwanzaa Day 2

Day 1- KWANZAA AFTER DARK: Afrikan Aesthetics May Lead You There


Kwanzaa Day 1


So, you’re here to join me for my 9 p.m. Sunrise? Happy Kwanzaa! I hope you enjoyed your day. I just loved mine! -i am Shila Iris

Day 1- Instructions for Kwanzaa:

You should greet your friends and family by asking: Habari gani? (Translation: What’s the news?); and today, they can respond: Umoja! (Translation: Unity) Learn more about Kwanzaa here.

Tonight, let’s talk about the 1st Principle of Kwanzaa: Umoja, which means Unity. 

Allow it.
The mind opens
as the heart prepares itself for the full
embrace of the Season.
The climate has changed in my favor
The Sun kisses me as if I were near the Equator
She asks about my glow,
inquiring of the fullness of my belly
I say to her,
I am at peace with the One inside of me,
he and I are unified eternally
He shall be the one I see when I look into the mirror
my reflection,
is adorned with the promise
of my maturity,
speak to me.  -i am poet, Shila 
What if you fully embraced images of you? Your hair, your heritage (find it), your family? It’s a melanin thing, more like a blood stream, more like the River Nile, pulsating, inside of me, it incites me, excites me

I cannot be anyone other than me.

This is the Spirituality of Our Ancestors: Afrikan Aesthetics, I give you the first gift of Kwanzaa, us Unifying, is 
Enjoy them, and let me know what you think. 

Read about them:


Kwanzaa: Obama Approved!
Music for tonight.

P.S. If you’re in Cleveland, you should check this out tonight (keep in mind, the start time can be misleading. Honestly, I think if you make it there by 11:30 pm, you’ll be good.

This Moment in Black History at Mahall’s. Click on the image for more information.
This Moment in Black History

Peace & blessings manifest with every lesson learned,

Shila Iris

Clairvoyance through Observation


The past is gone forever,
the future does not exist.
Our moment,
is Now.
Will you see me?   -Shila Iris

Nkiruka Oparah

The Digital Collage Art of Nkiruka Oparah

The Affirmation:
I pray for the power to LoVe appropriately,
the courage to forgive,
for clairvoyance through observation,
and for the integrity to honor my word,
respecting all who deserve such…

More on the FEATURED artist:

Nkiruka Oparah

Nkiruka Oparah. Fusing her own photography with film/video stills and images sourced through Tumblr, Oparah fashions striking collages and graphics that mediate upon portrayals of African identity. The Brooklyn-based Nigerian artist weaves socio-cultural narratives into glitchy compositions that acknowledge complex histories with a forward-looking slant; “It’s the flux of the internet- its incompleteness- in combination with an evolving African identity that opened up this graphic way of image making for me”, says Oparah, in conversation with The Guardian earlier this year (online magazine).

How the Art Makes Me Feel. The work of Nkiruka Oparah is quite tasteful and very inspiring. I am prone to support art that represents the Afrikan diaspora, that in which I can see myself, and in this case, I believe that Oparah does an excellent job of identifying with the different elements of the Afrikan journey through civilization. Her art is a call to look within. It reminds me of the importance of “knowing thyself,” which is more than the obvious, it is tapping into the magic of your existence and loving all the elements that make up you, because:

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.  – Marcus Gravey

… in my absence, I am thinking
and learning and creating…

when time passes by,
I can see you clearly.

Shila Iris 



Afritorial Logo

Asiya Migold

9 Days Until AfroPunk: Capturing the Beauty of Black Brazilian Women & the Sundust Goddess Series


AfroPunk BannerDiasporically Speaking: AfroPunk is known for its online editorials that capture and acknowledge the movement of Black people from the continent of Afrika to other places all over the world. In March of this year, AFROPUNK.COM featured the work of photographer Vini Souza and artist Janaína Grasso in a series of photos named: Capturing the Beauty of Black Brazilian Women.

Capturing the Beauty of Black Brazilian Women was inspired by visual artist, Sara K. Golish’s Sundust Goddess series:

Can You see the inspiration? I too, am inspired by the work of other artists, ancestors, family, etc. Aren’t we all? It’s all good! Peace and love!

→ Full article here.
→ Sara K. Golish here.
→ Vini Souza here.

You will see a whole lot of Afrikan Black beauty at AfroPunk from people to art to spirit.

See you there!

i am Shila Iris 

Shila Iris