Designs by Shila Iris

SHILA IRIS – visual artist Driven to explore tangible connections with people that inhabit the developing world, this artwork is the product of a transformational life season and an emerging worldview.  It’s the joy of finding personal connections with people of exotic traditions, faiths, and cultures – put to wood and sometimes on canvas.  If the theme resonates, please connect, share your impressions, and learn more. 2019

COLLECTION: “There is nothing new under the Sun (Ra)”

3 These are examples of my work. After consultation with the buyer, each piece is exclusively designed with you in mind. These are abstract mixed-media paintings that take approximately two weeks to design.  I can’t wait to create with you!

Featuring moving proverbs, symbols, and signs, these designs explore the tantric wisdom and ancient cultures of clans, tribes, dynasties, and groups from all over Africa. The paintings celebrate the uniqueness and wonder of our ancestors. TOTEM POLES – MEASURE 5″ x 7.5 or 5″ x 6′ = Totem poles represent stories or events.  Each figure on a totem represents part of a story and are used to record the histories and legends of tribes.  A totem serves to unite a clan lineage, reminding them of their ancestry.  They contain emblems, symbols, and connections with mystical spirit beings. STORYBOOK MEASURE 1′ X 4′ = Contain African proverbs, signs and images that tell a story that connects us to the beginnings of time, starting in Ethiopia. LANDSCAPE – MEASURE 5′ X 5′ = Contain African proverbs, signs and images that tell a story that connects us to the beginnings of time, starting in Ethiopia. ADINKRA SYMBOLS ON CANVAS MEASURE VARIES = Adinkra is a cloth, which like the Kente was originally woven on narrow looms.  Until today, Kente still remains the most respected and costly fabric woven in Ghana.  While the symbolism in kente is mainly done through lineal patterns, the Adinkra is done in graphic patterns.   The symbols on the cloth have different meanings and are very much affirmative.  I take the symbols, and lay them out in color to teach to our children and to adults to empower and uplift them in their journeys through life.

Find a symbol that represents you.


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