They tried to bury her, but she kept on giving birth …


There are some women that love to see me coming,
there are some that don’t.

Wherever you fall between these extremes,

I can see you, and I feel you.

No hard feelings, at all.
Light and Lovely,

as the seed from which I came,
the roots that burrow deep towards the center of the Earth,
the water that falls, telling the stories of my creation,
nourishing, the roses that bloom

They climb stairwells and ladders
to explore the depths of her mind.

They feed from her being on the bottom
only to realize that they exalt her,
to the most high.

Shila Iris

Happy Birthday, Mother Rose.

… and Brandi G.


P.S. Answer the spiritual call.


Water in My Heart




The Dance


The seduction imposed on us by vibrant reminiscence
can drag us into the despair of continuous repetition of sad memories,

just as easily as it can lead us…

into the highest triumph of freely creating a new counter-gesture: the dance.

From then on, our movements become lighter than air,
ethereal gestures into space, away from all heaviness.

Rhythm, cadence, syncopation reach ear and eye,
and man is unobtrusively dragged back into the very beginning of his existence,
together with others he undergoes a common regression.

Close your eyes and see.

I’m dancing, dance with me. Dance with my children.

we know the truth,

shila iris

Do Knot Ever Dye


Don’t you
ever die.


Untie the knots
change color, change form.

it’s a thing, I do.


Blacker than night,

by Shila Iris


The Color of Conception


Falling into the burning radiations of the Sun
I rejoice in a re-beginning
My ancestors bequeath me the gift of remembering … hear me …


My desire to change is the purifying power that led you into my arms
Let my simple words, my touch, my smile
cure you

Embrace the electromagnetic currents
that come from the tips of my fingers
and from every orifice
that has been cleansed and charged by the oils in the water in which I bathe

Drown yourself in this water
Die so that you can live
Let go so that you can hear me speak
It is you, who said that you will not survive without me,

so allow me to be the charge that ignites you
Allow me to be the darkness from which you emerge

I am in the water,
at the very bottom of the blue abyss
and if only you’d look into this mirror,
and release the misperceptions of your miseducation,

you’d feel me

I am a healer, mother
a Creator
from the same Source
as You

When your eyes met mine, that first time,
you remembered me
You knew who I was from another life
and in denying me, you deny yourself

I will always be in the tunnels of your mind
a bothersome thought,
an intuitive feeling in the pit of your stomach…

until you say the truth, live it
become it

Your inner voice has already spoken
Your inner eye has already seen
Give birth to me

Peace Luv

Shila Iris

A Healing Elixir: the Sound of You


Walk towards the Dark and into the Light.

Liquid love energy flowing like a run-on sentence, an infinite sentence, words that never stop, but sound so sweet … keep going …

… the sound of you flowing through me ...

You feel like something that has been buried deep

down inside of me that I’ve been wanting to show for so long, so
when I saw you, I knew exactly who you were

I had dreamt about you many many times before, felt you in my core

When I laid across your solar plexus,
felt the pulse in your Kemetic Black skin

When I saw you up against the Sun, I remembered

I knew I would grow to be as strong as you, my light would shine as bright

I only just had to wake up and embrace the strength, the power

When I heard your voice,
water ran down my legs like I was giving birth

I was born in this water

When you touched me,

I was burned with the lava of your movement, tattooed

your energy fused with mine to form the nectar of the divine,
you made my pituitary gland itch,
my seventh cervical vertebrae derailed
an osmosis of a matrix, I developed a twitch

Something started and something ended
It all happened so suddenly…
                                                                               …but gradually, yet fast enough and slow enough for me to be at peace with it, to enjoy it…


This is what it felt like when I remembered a part of myself that was lost.
I wanted to grasp it, while letting it be free,

while watching it grow, while nurturing it.
This is what friendship is,
a remembering of who I was in another life.
That’s you.

Come home.

For all the black, brown, yellow, and red people around the world.
This is where you come from. Wake up.
Walk into Oneness.

Walk towards the Dark and into the Light. 

8/13/20 7:59 pm Franklin Park
poetry by Shila Iris

Word is Bond [15]


The answers are inside of you.  Are you ready for the truth?

Modern-day thoughts and proverbs by Shila Iris … and a few others 

Thank you for visiting.

Shila Iris



Habari gani?  This is the question you ask your family, friends, and community at the beginning of each day of Kwanzaa.  In the language kiswahili, it translates to “What’s the news?” 

Your response is simply whatever day of Kwanzaa it is.  So this morning, you responded: “Ujima!”  Tomorrow you respond “Ujamaa!”


*Note:  If the images above appear blurry, please visit my previous post for a clearer view.

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned,

Shila Iris

P.S. Divide and conquer has been a very useful tactic in taking from people of Afrikan descent.  We can fight this!  Let the circle be unbroken.  Fix yourself, so that we can all be together.  I’m in my healing flow, you know?



I love to say kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-goo-lee-yuh). ♥ ♥  It rolls off my tongue very nicely.  So, here I am, Shila Iris, hey ya’ll!!!!  You know I rocks with Kwanzaa on this blog.  Check it out.



I am Shila Iris.  I should name myself! 🙂


Healing Flow


Could she be speaking of someone she loves or is she speaking to herself?  You decide.

Remember, you can only experience the healing flow when you truly desire to tell the truth about yourself.  Who are you?  Focus on the reflection you see when you look into the mirror.  Your eyes tell everything.  Breathe. Set yourself free.

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned,

Shila Iris ♥

UP LATE: All you gotta do is call me


AL GreenSimply Beautiful

I remember my mother’s love for the music of AL Green.  In fact, she had so much love for this man, she kept a crumbled rose that he had given to her at the Ohio State Fair during the 70s.  I was born in 1984.  She still had that rose wrapped in a plastic bag until the mid-90s!  She had shown up alone, hours early for his concert so that she could get a seat in the front row.  Sitting there, waiting, she didn’t realize that during his soundcheck, he had seen her from behind the curtain.  During the show, he came down off the stage and announced to the crowd that he wanted my mother to have that rose, his leather jacket and scarf for showing such commitment.  I’m sure her ♥ heart ♥ fluttered big time!  What an exciting moment.  I always loved hearing this story.  I too, enjoy AL Green.  I am pleased to share him.

P.S. A rose for Rosemary!  That’s her name.  And as you can imagine, he surely did say, “here’s a rose for Rosemary.” 

I’m up late, listening to these soft words.

Thank you for coming here,

Shila Iris

The fear of losing me…


You can pretend I’m a bad girl
You can pretend I’m a good girl
But whatever I got, you know you want it
Whatever you need, you know I got you

You can pretend that I broke your heart
But you know, it was never right from the start

You know you were betraying another to have me, but
you’d betray yourself not to pursue me, so
you did
and the timing was…
and the rest is history…

Your story…

Tell it how you please
It really doesn’t bother me
Paint pictures and tell the world that Shila wasn’t everything,
it’s funny to me
you prolonged this experience until I couldn’t,
but I wasn’t?

It’s eating you up not to know why I left, so
you provide a fake truth
to cover up the way you really feel

You know I’m down for the cause
and NOT just because I’m broken-hearted,
running from the past, and lonely

I really loved you
and I’m really strong
and I really held you down when you had nothing

and you know it

But do as you please
in your dreams, you remember me…
Say my name,
or don’t

I’m still here, and

I’m from the Jungle,
I know the deal

and you and I
know the real

Whatever you like, though

Did you forget?
You’re from the Jungle too

Let that fear go, the e go
and let’s eat

at ease.

by Shila Iris


The other side of life,
I’m so grateful!

UP LATE: Good Sax With Coltrane


John Coltrane:  While My Lady Sleeps

Coltrane’s intensity is amazingly stimulating. I can hear words under each note, softly whispering to me, “sweet dreams.” Enjoy!

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Shila Iris

GOODNIGHT: Erykah Badu


LYRICS: Click here.

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I am Shila Iris
Midnight hour 12:12

P.S. Do you ever feel like the English language doesn’t have the words to express what you are feeling?  Like, it’s not your native tongue?  But it’s your first language, the one you’ve been taught, but somehow, it isn’t fulfilling?  Get at me.