A Healing Elixir: the Sound of You

Walk towards the Dark and into the Light.

Liquid love energy flowing like a run-on sentence, an infinite sentence, words that never stop, but sound so sweet … keep going …

… the sound of you flowing through me ...

You feel like something that has been buried deep

down inside of me that I’ve been wanting to show for so long, so
when I saw you, I knew exactly who you were

I had dreamt about you many many times before, felt you in my core

When I laid across your solar plexus,
felt the pulse in your Kemetic Black skin

When I saw you up against the Sun, I remembered

I knew I would grow to be as strong as you, my light would shine as bright

I only just had to wake up and embrace the strength, the power

When I heard your voice,
water ran down my legs like I was giving birth

I was born in this water

When you touched me,

I was burned with the lava of your movement, tattooed

your energy fused with mine to form the nectar of the divine,
you made my pituitary gland itch,
my seventh cervical vertebrae derailed
an osmosis of a matrix, I developed a twitch

Something started and something ended
It all happened so suddenly…
                                                                               …but gradually, yet fast enough and slow enough for me to be at peace with it, to enjoy it…


This is what it felt like when I remembered a part of myself that was lost.
I wanted to grasp it, while letting it be free,

while watching it grow, while nurturing it.
This is what friendship is,
a remembering of who I was in another life.
That’s you.

Come home.

For all the black, brown, yellow, and red people around the world.
This is where you come from. Wake up.
Walk into Oneness.

Walk towards the Dark and into the Light. 

8/13/20 7:59 pm Franklin Park
poetry by Shila Iris


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