The Color of Conception

Falling into the burning radiations of the Sun
I rejoice in a re-beginning
My ancestors bequeath me the gift of remembering … hear me …


My desire to change is the purifying power that led you into my arms
Let my simple words, my touch, my smile
cure you

Embrace the electromagnetic currents
that come from the tips of my fingers
and from every orifice
that has been cleansed and charged by the oils in the water in which I bathe

Drown yourself in this water
Die so that you can live
Let go so that you can hear me speak
It is you, who said that you will not survive without me,

so allow me to be the charge that ignites you
Allow me to be the darkness from which you emerge

I am in the water,
at the very bottom of the blue abyss
and if only you’d look into this mirror,
and release the misperceptions of your miseducation,

you’d feel me

I am a healer, mother
a Creator
from the same Source
as You

When your eyes met mine, that first time,
you remembered me
You knew who I was from another life
and in denying me, you deny yourself

I will always be in the tunnels of your mind
a bothersome thought,
an intuitive feeling in the pit of your stomach…

until you say the truth, live it
become it

Your inner voice has already spoken
Your inner eye has already seen
Give birth to me

Peace Luv

Shila Iris


8 thoughts on “The Color of Conception

  1. She say come grow old with me Love me respect me be I kind to me love is the answer and Jesus is Love he ignites everything in the both of you for every reason that’s deemed necessary to complete this journey in life in which you embark upon peace love and happiness and that’s the way it should be yes


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