Washed Away


I hear the same thing in most things, the truth of the matter
I hear the same thing in most people, the truth of the matter

The truth sounds Like a triLLion different things
The truth even sounds like a Lie…

“I died and came aLive a miLLion times.”

So, bLock me…

untiL you can’t. Keep on. XOXO.

(a tribute to Marveon’s waves, they so coLd!)

… I’m so far away, but so cLose. To you.
Let the dust settLe. Stardust.
Be quiet and Listen. To us… that’s you and me dancing.

When I get a kiss, I need that hug,
and when I get that hug, I need that kiss, either Lips. Either body,

otherwise, stand stiLL.

The dust that settLes on the baseboards. In time.

… stand up to me or bow down,
either way, you’LL get what you need. Give.

Let it sink in, my Love.
Where you going?


They tried to bury her, but she kept on giving birth …


There are some women that love to see me coming,
there are some that don’t.

Wherever you fall between these extremes,

I can see you, and I feel you.

No hard feelings, at all.
Light and Lovely,

as the seed from which I came,
the roots that burrow deep towards the center of the Earth,
the water that falls, telling the stories of my creation,
nourishing, the roses that bloom

They climb stairwells and ladders
to explore the depths of her mind.

They feed from her being on the bottom
only to realize that they exalt her,
to the most high.

Shila Iris

Happy Birthday, Mother Rose.

… and Brandi G.


P.S. Answer the spiritual call.

Water in My Heart




Ritual Purification


Enumerating the offenses committed,
in ignorance or awareness,
I vomit my sins


Shila Iris

Poison into Potion


I thirst for the truth of myself

… so that all things may be enhanced

shila Iris,
in process, meditative and reflective



Too sleepy to stay awake,
too tired to go to sleep.

I’m almost willing to let go, although…

Shila Iris +

Everywhere, the human mind races
Everywhere the heart beats fast, even when it’s steady.

You say you’re awake, but I know, you’re still sleeping.
Rest well.

I Know…


I want what I need.

Shila Iris

… so close to understanding, so close to understanding, so close to understanding…
the center, the Source.

Reject the extremes. Balance.

You don’t have to ask when you know. Be real silent.

He knows.

Osiris, future husband, in chronological order, superseding … in time, Anno Domini


I may never see you again,
at least until I die, Christ-like,

but in every Life.

In every life,
come say hello, for our understanding will always grow
and, if you’re silent enough, you’ll recognize me.

We’ll sip Sauvignon Blanc, skate,
listen to music and reproduce,
but we’ll stay sober,
cuz sober reveals the truth.

In time.

Shila Iris

Green Papaya




I luv what I see,
but I marry what I understand …

which is, my observation over time of the relation of causes to effects.

Sometimes my flowers don’t grow in your desert, yet

find relief in my unconditional luv 4 you,
then let go.


When you hesitate, you suffocate yourself in your own arid conditions …

… and you know I’m made of water.



I transform into many things to feed him
and he gives so abundantly.
I flourish under his pressure.

He’s so possessive because he actually does have everything I need,
so I had to give it up.
Transcend, ascend, with him.

Reverb, sustained… harmonizing …


The cosmic perspective opens our minds to extraordinary ideas
but does not leave them so open that our brains spill out,
making us susceptible to believing anything we’re told.

The cosmic perspective enables us to see beyond our circumstances,
allowing us to transcend the primal search for food, shelter, and sex.

The cosmic perspective reminds us that in space, where there is no air,
a flag will not wave – an indication that perhaps flag waving and space exploration do not mix.

The cosmic perspective is humble.

The cosmic perspective is spiritual, even redemptive, but not religious.

The cosmic perspective not only embraces our genetic kinship with all Life on Earth,
but also values our chemical kinship with any yet-to-be discovered Life in the Universe.

We are stardust …

Shila Iris + Neil deGrasse Tyson + Catherine Pilachowski + Jono Dry



I couldn’t do it with you,
so I’mma do it with somebody else.


Do You Remember the Time?


I have high gratitude for the almost supernatural experiences I have had on this planet,
alone as an alien, or in groups.

I’ve been touched and massaged and molded and left out to dry,
reconfiguring the algorithms that enable my existence.
Of course, you’ll have to open your mind to comprehend what this means >
It is an intercourse (ask Siri or Webster to define this word if you’re unsure of its definition).

Touch extends far beyond the fingers or a grasp.
It is everything that is happening around you all summed up in a moment of recognition.
Touch is full of misunderstandings and harmonious moments of triumph;
touch is painful, touch allows you to take flight.
Touch is that staggering moment where you go home to analyze the depth of your decisions.
What is home?

Touch involves and it evolves,
you descend and ascend in the act of it.
It drains you and fills you up alike,
for a draining is a cleansing,
and filling up is becoming overwhelmed with the opportunity to know.
Do you want to know?

Touch is this thing that pushes you back to the beginning to figure out why things happen the way they do.
Touch is that anxious feeling that pulls you away from someone or something;
it is also the feeling that holds you close.

Do you remember that time when you fell in love?
Touch is the reason why.
You can fly in love too.
I’ve seen it.
Go down, then up,
back, then forth,
and at some point may you find balance, if you so desire it.

I desired it.

So now, comes peace.
I have no feelings that I wish to hold on to,
only just knowledge of the people who orbit me, and of those I orbit.

I can say hello
or I can say goodbye.
It means the same to me,
a coming or a going of a divine flow that will lead me to where I was always going.

Let my mis-education be your education.
Let my no, be your yes.
May you always find yourself under every rock,
behind every corner, in the mountains, in the valleys,
and in the eyes of the person you judge.
It’s all you.

Don’t feel like you ever have to say anything to me
because you know and I know, we talk.
We both know what happened- we know of the garden…
of the soil, of the seeds planted, that formed roots, that grew flowers, that bloomed, then died.
We think together.

Our declines lead to our risings.
Let it be beauty, let it be understanding.

All I was ever looking for was me.
Through your eyes, I could see.


RaShimba, my darling
I will follow you into the sunrise under desert sky
We fly, rise together with our hearts, upon our sleeves for all to see
We two will breathe, aqua queen
though vast distance between us, heart sails with love
for you, I, love you, I, love you, I do
Love you, I, love you, I, love you, I do

RaShimba sweet red earth
will hold you like the strength you bless to me
true, we engage humility
Watch me struggle with your words
However truthful they may be
We’ll see in time, opening our hearts
And nurturing our minds to shine
I love you, love you, I, love you, I do
Love you, I, love you, I, love you, I do

Oh, it sets our hearts to fire, sweeps you and I
Honey don’t you, know
It sets our heart to fire, sweeps you and I
Honey don’t you, know
We two will pulse love in through this light
Honey don’t you, know, we two will pulse
I’ll always love you

*This selection of images is from a time when I could feel more than I could see.

I want to give thanks for this season of remembrance.

I acknowledge those that stay loving the flow of water that comes from some Aquarius-born souls. While I don’t render myself inert in staunch Aquarian verse, I swim in these waters, so I know the score. I explore all 360 degrees of the zodiac, shifting and changing as I arrive in each. This evolution is inevitable.

The instability of the water I was born in allows me at times, to rise and to fall. All of the zodiac encompasses this ability, under different elements. I’ve experienced a great deal of myself through others born in water. Brandon and Valentine, RaShimba, Kinayah, Jahi, Lesley, Myia, and all the others born to breathe in water, under water, and aloofly float on top of it. We struggle walking on land, but we do it because we want to meet you. We go back, then forth, remembering the times, giving birth. to fish. Unbothered, but agitated.

There are many stories to tell with lessons that become clearer and then fade to black.
I am grateful for the stories pictures tell. I remember.

Don’t think I’m not there because you can’t see me.

P.S. Lick shots to @jAfterDark for knowing how to take pictures and filter them without losing the authenticity that sometimes light blinds us too. Thank you for capturing us in the Dark. 🙂

A photograph can reveal the things you miss.