Poison into Potion


I thirst for the truth of myself

… so that all things may be enhanced

shila Iris,
in process, meditative and reflective



Too sleepy to stay awake,
too tired to go to sleep.

I’m almost willing to let go, although…

Shila Iris +

Everywhere, the human mind races
Everywhere the heart beats fast, even when it’s steady.

You say you’re awake, but I know, you’re still sleeping.
Rest well.

I Know…


I want what I need.

Shila Iris

… so close to understanding, so close to understanding, so close to understanding…
the center, the Source.

Reject the extremes. Balance.

You don’t have to ask when you know. Be real silent.

He knows.

Osiris, future husband, in chronological order, superseding … in time, Anno Domini


I may never see you again,
at least until I die, Christ-like,

but in every Life.

In every life,
come say hello, for our understanding will always grow
and, if you’re silent enough, you’ll recognize me.

We’ll sip Sauvignon Blanc, skate,
listen to music and reproduce,
but we’ll stay sober,
cuz sober reveals the truth.

In time.

Shila Iris

Green Papaya




I luv what I see,
but I marry what I understand …

which is, my observation over time of the relation of causes to effects.

Sometimes my flowers don’t grow in your desert, yet

find relief in my unconditional luv 4 you,
then let go.


When you hesitate, you suffocate yourself in your own arid conditions …

… and you know I’m made of water.



I transform into many things to feed him
and he gives so abundantly.
I flourish under his pressure.

He’s so possessive because he actually does have everything I need,
so I had to give it up.
Transcend, ascend, with him.

Reverb, sustained… harmonizing …


The cosmic perspective opens our minds to extraordinary ideas
but does not leave them so open that our brains spill out,
making us susceptible to believing anything we’re told.

The cosmic perspective enables us to see beyond our circumstances,
allowing us to transcend the primal search for food, shelter, and sex.

The cosmic perspective reminds us that in space, where there is no air,
a flag will not wave – an indication that perhaps flag waving and space exploration do not mix.

The cosmic perspective is humble.

The cosmic perspective is spiritual, even redemptive, but not religious.

The cosmic perspective not only embraces our genetic kinship with all Life on Earth,
but also values our chemical kinship with any yet-to-be discovered Life in the Universe.

We are stardust …

Shila Iris + Neil deGrasse Tyson + Catherine Pilachowski + Jono Dry



I couldn’t do it with you,
so I’mma do it with somebody else.


Do You Remember the Time?


I have high gratitude for the almost supernatural experiences I have had on this planet,
alone as an alien, or in groups.

I’ve been touched and massaged and molded and left out to dry,
reconfiguring the algorithms that enable my existence.
Of course, you’ll have to open your mind to comprehend what this means >
It is an intercourse (ask Siri or Webster to define this word if you’re unsure of its definition).

Touch extends far beyond the fingers or a grasp.
It is everything that is happening around you all summed up in a moment of recognition.
Touch is full of misunderstandings and harmonious moments of triumph;
touch is painful, touch allows you to take flight.
Touch is that staggering moment where you go home to analyze the depth of your decisions.
What is home?

Touch involves and it evolves,
you descend and ascend in the act of it.
It drains you and fills you up alike,
for a draining is a cleansing,
and filling up is becoming overwhelmed with the opportunity to know.
Do you want to know?

Touch is this thing that pushes you back to the beginning to figure out why things happen the way they do.
Touch is that anxious feeling that pulls you away from someone or something;
it is also the feeling that holds you close.

Do you remember that time when you fell in love?
Touch is the reason why.
You can fly in love too.
I’ve seen it.
Go down, then up,
back, then forth,
and at some point may you find balance, if you so desire it.

I desired it.

So now, comes peace.
I have no feelings that I wish to hold on to,
only just knowledge of the people who orbit me, and of those I orbit.

I can say hello
or I can say goodbye.
It means the same to me,
a coming or a going of a divine flow that will lead me to where I was always going.

Let my mis-education be your education.
Let my no, be your yes.
May you always find yourself under every rock,
behind every corner, in the mountains, in the valleys,
and in the eyes of the person you judge.
It’s all you.

Don’t feel like you ever have to say anything to me
because you know and I know, we talk.
We both know what happened- we know of the garden…
of the soil, of the seeds planted, that formed roots, that grew flowers, that bloomed, then died.
We think together.

Our declines lead to our risings.
Let it be beauty, let it be understanding.

All I was ever looking for was me.
Through your eyes, I could see.


RaShimba, my darling
I will follow you into the sunrise under desert sky
We fly, rise together with our hearts, upon our sleeves for all to see
We two will breathe, aqua queen
though vast distance between us, heart sails with love
for you, I, love you, I, love you, I do
Love you, I, love you, I, love you, I do

RaShimba sweet red earth
will hold you like the strength you bless to me
true, we engage humility
Watch me struggle with your words
However truthful they may be
We’ll see in time, opening our hearts
And nurturing our minds to shine
I love you, love you, I, love you, I do
Love you, I, love you, I, love you, I do

Oh, it sets our hearts to fire, sweeps you and I
Honey don’t you, know
It sets our heart to fire, sweeps you and I
Honey don’t you, know
We two will pulse love in through this light
Honey don’t you, know, we two will pulse
I’ll always love you

*This selection of images is from a time when I could feel more than I could see.

I want to give thanks for this season of remembrance.

I acknowledge those that stay loving the flow of water that comes from some Aquarius-born souls. While I don’t render myself inert in staunch Aquarian verse, I swim in these waters, so I know the score. I explore all 360 degrees of the zodiac, shifting and changing as I arrive in each. This evolution is inevitable.

The instability of the water I was born in allows me at times, to rise and to fall. All of the zodiac encompasses this ability, under different elements. I’ve experienced a great deal of myself through others born in water. Brandon and Valentine, RaShimba, Kinayah, Jahi, Lesley, Myia, and all the others born to breathe in water, under water, and aloofly float on top of it. We struggle walking on land, but we do it because we want to meet you. We go back, then forth, remembering the times, giving birth. to fish. Unbothered, but agitated.

There are many stories to tell with lessons that become clearer and then fade to black.
I am grateful for the stories pictures tell. I remember.

Don’t think I’m not there because you can’t see me.

P.S. Lick shots to @jAfterDark for knowing how to take pictures and filter them without losing the authenticity that sometimes light blinds us too. Thank you for capturing us in the Dark. 🙂

A photograph can reveal the things you miss.

Do Knot Ever Dye


Don’t you
ever die.


Untie the knots
change color, change form.

it’s a thing, I do.


Blacker than night,

by Shila Iris


The Color of Conception


Falling into the burning radiations of the Sun
I rejoice in a re-beginning
My ancestors bequeath me the gift of remembering … hear me …


My desire to change is the purifying power that led you into my arms
Let my simple words, my touch, my smile
cure you

Embrace the electromagnetic currents
that come from the tips of my fingers
and from every orifice
that has been cleansed and charged by the oils in the water in which I bathe

Drown yourself in this water
Die so that you can live
Let go so that you can hear me speak
It is you, who said that you will not survive without me,

so allow me to be the charge that ignites you
Allow me to be the darkness from which you emerge

I am in the water,
at the very bottom of the blue abyss
and if only you’d look into this mirror,
and release the misperceptions of your miseducation,

you’d feel me

I am a healer, mother
a Creator
from the same Source
as You

When your eyes met mine, that first time,
you remembered me
You knew who I was from another life
and in denying me, you deny yourself

I will always be in the tunnels of your mind
a bothersome thought,
an intuitive feeling in the pit of your stomach…

until you say the truth, live it
become it

Your inner voice has already spoken
Your inner eye has already seen
Give birth to me

Peace Luv

Shila Iris

A Healing Elixir: the Sound of You


Walk towards the Dark and into the Light.

Liquid love energy flowing like a run-on sentence, an infinite sentence, words that never stop, but sound so sweet … keep going …

… the sound of you flowing through me ...

You feel like something that has been buried deep

down inside of me that I’ve been wanting to show for so long, so
when I saw you, I knew exactly who you were

I had dreamt about you many many times before, felt you in my core

When I laid across your solar plexus,
felt the pulse in your Kemetic Black skin

When I saw you up against the Sun, I remembered

I knew I would grow to be as strong as you, my light would shine as bright

I only just had to wake up and embrace the strength, the power

When I heard your voice,
water ran down my legs like I was giving birth

I was born in this water

When you touched me,

I was burned with the lava of your movement, tattooed

your energy fused with mine to form the nectar of the divine,
you made my pituitary gland itch,
my seventh cervical vertebrae derailed
an osmosis of a matrix, I developed a twitch

Something started and something ended
It all happened so suddenly…
                                                                               …but gradually, yet fast enough and slow enough for me to be at peace with it, to enjoy it…


This is what it felt like when I remembered a part of myself that was lost.
I wanted to grasp it, while letting it be free,

while watching it grow, while nurturing it.
This is what friendship is,
a remembering of who I was in another life.
That’s you.

Come home.

For all the black, brown, yellow, and red people around the world.
This is where you come from. Wake up.
Walk into Oneness.

Walk towards the Dark and into the Light. 

8/13/20 7:59 pm Franklin Park
poetry by Shila Iris

Black Hole


Standing at the door to the cosmos,
I remember that…

I am the Mother of the future… past.

I transfer energy and light into Him, Life into Him,
feminine compassion into Him
purpose into Him

I exhale as He inhales,

synthesizing the now with forever

I am the Mother

Out of darkness I create,

on a black canvas of starlight,
melanated at the equator by the Sun
where trees grow and the magnetic ley lines energize my inner and outer beings

I am the all-seeing

Infused with His power

My core frequency radiates at high speeds when He’s next to Me

His inspire, ascends Me higher,

makes Me a flyer
I grew wings when He gave birth to Me, in sync

I have a mission, that helped to clear My vision

I awake from the intermission
to proceed, I shall,
live this life until it’s time for the next

I am the Mother of the Future

Like I was of the past
I am standing in front of You now
Do You remember Me?

I am Shila Iris,

Thank you for visiting.

the purest Love


“Your perception of pure love may change as you encounter it on a deeper level.”

In the presence of pure Love, there is an inclusion of that which is NOT love. This shadow comes to the surface so that it may be included in the whole.

“Love knows no bounds; it is without judgment.”

… and so your voice vibrates inside of me. No matter what you say I can hear your truth. I can see it.  I can feel. You.

Growing out of my naivety
I began to see,
to hear the untruths before they were spoken…

I felt them from the moment I met him
from the time he opened his mouth
The things that he would say to me, he believed
on the surface, but beneath is what I can see

I knew that he’d be uncomfortable revealing his reality,
so, I’d have to rely on my sixth sense

in multiples of three, he came to me

To have a moment in my presence,
he told me what he thought I needed to hear by avoiding the light of day
So, in the dark,
intoxicated with the melancholy of having feelings for a woman who loved him,
who was the walking image of his superficialities, still
he sought a muse,
the presence of wild femininity, the unconquerable Me

But what he did not know is that he could not hide from the world by being inside of me
Yet, he could not resist my healing touch

I see him because I’ve seen myself

He is still in the stages of his youth where the black and white
side of a chessboard still exists

the thought behind his moves is to conquer
the energy is to win

but, there is no move that he can make on me

There is no Lie he can tell, I see behind those eyes
I hear the timber tone of his adolescent voice

age dissipates and one descends
when evading contact with the goddess that I am

Until he does right by me, he will not heal
until he looks at himself in my eyes
until he hears his voice in mine…

Let us shine light into and nurture the darkness in one another
because there is nothing that will come that isn’t already here

I’m here
and He said Yes

… now, let’s examine why he plays tricks like he’s in a circus
marching down the road to perdition, paved with good intention…

He’s still in the stages of his youth where he thinks that accidents exist
and happenchance meetings occur,
and that intimacy is confined to marriage… and so…

“our marriage was annulled on grounds of consanguinity”

because to see me is to see himself,
is he ready?
our love is the purest. and
the purest Love evolves You.

peace and Love,

Thank you for reading.

I am Shila Iris

… he spent the night weighing his options,
trying to figure out why he chose her and not me…

I giggle just a little.

This is Life. Let it Flow.

Can you really choose when I live inside of You?

… dedicated to the spirit of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, he is out there, somewhere, vibrating high… and I’ve met him many times… my eyes are watching god… i goddess. i pro gress.

i cypher.  i gyrate.

i open. i close. i stand still to ponder. to look closer.  to develop clairvoyance through observation… 🙂

the Coming


It’s as simple as having a conversation
Having a conversation that reflects my intimacy
with the masculine

with the land, my people, and the ancestors

It’s telling
It’s telling a story
in a motherly tone
one that is assuring
that will give you Life
one that will elevate you to the highest form
so that you can transform

It’s nurturing
and forgiving
It’s the fatherly energy that dictates
the flow of the ocean during those
delicate developmental years of our youth

It’s an interplanetary balancing of the opposites
between the darkened ones who have the light

whose algorithms match the next level of creation
and will define the form of the coming collective state of nature

The Universe,
lies within this atum, atom
the destruction of civilization,
is the transformation

Bombs over this low,
we are the high
the fusion, the change,
the manifestation of rotating brains

We follow spirit into

it’s Loud
it’s rocky
the terrane

is extreme
we cover our faces
leaving traces of our breath of life


because calm is the mask of peace…

the butterflies signal the release

of the left and right
coming center

be reminded
of yourself

inside of me

yo u de cide
c ome h ome

by Shila Iris