Osiris, future husband, in chronological order, superseding … in time, Anno Domini


I may never see you again,
at least until I die, Christ-like,

but in every Life.

In every life,
come say hello, for our understanding will always grow
and, if you’re silent enough, you’ll recognize me.

We’ll sip Sauvignon Blanc, skate,
listen to music and reproduce,
but we’ll stay sober,
cuz sober reveals the truth.

In time.

Shila Iris


the purest Love


“Your perception of pure love may change as you encounter it on a deeper level.”

In the presence of pure Love, there is an inclusion of that which is NOT love. This shadow comes to the surface so that it may be included in the whole.

“Love knows no bounds; it is without judgment.”

… and so your voice vibrates inside of me. No matter what you say I can hear your truth. I can see it.  I can feel. You.

Growing out of my naivety
I began to see,
to hear the untruths before they were spoken…

I felt them from the moment I met him
from the time he opened his mouth
The things that he would say to me, he believed
on the surface, but beneath is what I can see

I knew that he’d be uncomfortable revealing his reality,
so, I’d have to rely on my sixth sense

in multiples of three, he came to me

To have a moment in my presence,
he told me what he thought I needed to hear by avoiding the light of day
So, in the dark,
intoxicated with the melancholy of having feelings for a woman who loved him,
who was the walking image of his superficialities, still
he sought a muse,
the presence of wild femininity, the unconquerable Me

But what he did not know is that he could not hide from the world by being inside of me
Yet, he could not resist my healing touch

I see him because I’ve seen myself

He is still in the stages of his youth where the black and white
side of a chessboard still exists

the thought behind his moves is to conquer
the energy is to win

but, there is no move that he can make on me

There is no Lie he can tell, I see behind those eyes
I hear the timber tone of his adolescent voice

age dissipates and one descends
when evading contact with the goddess that I am

Until he does right by me, he will not heal
until he looks at himself in my eyes
until he hears his voice in mine…

Let us shine light into and nurture the darkness in one another
because there is nothing that will come that isn’t already here

I’m here
and He said Yes

… now, let’s examine why he plays tricks like he’s in a circus
marching down the road to perdition, paved with good intention…

He’s still in the stages of his youth where he thinks that accidents exist
and happenchance meetings occur,
and that intimacy is confined to marriage… and so…

“our marriage was annulled on grounds of consanguinity”

because to see me is to see himself,
is he ready?
our love is the purest. and
the purest Love evolves You.

peace and Love,

Thank you for reading.

I am Shila Iris

… he spent the night weighing his options,
trying to figure out why he chose her and not me…

I giggle just a little.

This is Life. Let it Flow.

Can you really choose when I live inside of You?

… dedicated to the spirit of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, he is out there, somewhere, vibrating high… and I’ve met him many times… my eyes are watching god… i goddess. i pro gress.

i cypher.  i gyrate.

i open. i close. i stand still to ponder. to look closer.  to develop clairvoyance through observation… 🙂