Black Hole

Standing at the door to the cosmos,
I remember that…

I am the Mother of the future… past.

I transfer energy and light into Him, Life into Him,
feminine compassion into Him
purpose into Him

I exhale as He inhales,

synthesizing the now with forever

I am the Mother

Out of darkness I create,

on a black canvas of starlight,
melanated at the equator by the Sun
where trees grow and the magnetic ley lines energize my inner and outer beings

I am the all-seeing

Infused with His power

My core frequency radiates at high speeds when He’s next to Me

His inspire, ascends Me higher,

makes Me a flyer
I grew wings when He gave birth to Me, in sync

I have a mission, that helped to clear My vision

I awake from the intermission
to proceed, I shall,
live this life until it’s time for the next

I am the Mother of the Future

Like I was of the past
I am standing in front of You now
Do You remember Me?

I am Shila Iris,

Thank you for visiting.


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