National Geographic Nudity

I found this article to be interesting. I was unaware that this was taking place. The sexual exploitation of brown people continues to plague this world. Why do people have to be treated a certain way because of their skin color! This hurts. I am so tired of feeling this way. Always having to be on guard because of my skin color. God, please!



Warning: NSFW. Bare breasts ahead!

National Geographic nudity (1896- ), also known as tribal nudity, is where National Geographic shows the bare breasts and penises of brown-skinned people but not those of whites. It has been well-known for this since the 1960s, though the practice goes back to 1896.

Apart from pornography, it is rare for a mass-market American magazine to show the bare breasts or penis of anyone of any race. National Geographic is the main exception. It gets away with it in the name of science, of showing Americans the world as it truly is.

But this love of truth only extends to black and brown people, particularly the “tribal” people of Africa, Australia, the Pacific and Amazonia. In the early 1900s Latina and Arab women also appeared bare-breasted – erotically so. All in all, pretty much the same sort of people who appeared in human…

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