Dark Matter

It is in the way     that you hear my voice
It is in the way     that you feel my heartbeat
It is the sound of me,
reflecting you
that sustains us

I am dressed in the light of your darkness …It is the knowledge of things flowing

The adding and subtracting
The zig-zag motion
It is the silence
The way that you go into my mind and find remnants of past lives
This is our now, is our future
is our life
is our children

is our everything

The way that you see me

The way that you vibrate inside of me
The waves in our frequency

The water, so pure, so charged

Reimagining love into something more

Something beyond this language

The way of you and I

Is unknown to the eye
You must travel into and beyond

to be Us…

the way of his words
the way of his touch
never to pass judgment
never to silence me

only to see clearly…

by Shila Iris



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