inside of

Coming here was part of the cure
           walking into this place of silence
                   into the aloneness of the unknown
                                 into the darkness of creation

I unfold
       Unravel, unwind
             I search the valleys of my mind,

of myself
wandering, I wonder

Where am I?

Somewhere behind the mask
I could feel

I had eyes beneath the surface
eyes planted so deep inside of me
          unlike belief, intuitively bequeathed

The memories teased my release
until the streams of me became oceans

The heat of my questions melted glaciers
until the landmass of walking matter which was once me,

the iciness

became something different

             something shifted
something changed
something closed
something opened

Asking, I asked, I’m asking

I passed, I drifted into suspension
until the material world became the bottom

the abysmal abyss of dismemberment

Looking up
           I could see

Complex equations made simple

Turning as if on a wheel
          dying as if it were living

The utterance of oneness

Let these numbers lead the way
Let these choices extend the day
Let this pressure be calming…

as I maintain peace

by Shila Iris