Sun in My Mouth

Who would’ve known that a being like Him
would enter me lightly
and restore my kisses…

Who would’ve known
that beauty this immense
would define my innocence
moving the core of me…
in one direction

who would’ve known
that he’d flow so well to my persuasion
who would’ve known
that he’d uncover the voice
hidden so deep within
hidden so deep within
hidden so deep within…

the Sun in my mouth
the warmth of assurance
you can,
never measure His endurance
the height of Him,
the Wife of Him

To inhale a man
loaded with courage
to taste a man
loaded with loyalty
to breathe in a man
with knowledge of my insides…

and knowledge of Self…

this is Our wealth

Who would’ve known such a miraculous breath,
a sacred voice would escape my throat
singing the song of Him…

the song of Us

Who would’ve known
that His equation would equal my eruption
His approach to a woman like me…
a Lover like me…

Reconstructing His Light
He’s the other half of My Life
a compass, a totemic twin

when the halves are fitted together
Who would’ve known
you’d have a wHole

To swallow the darkness of
spiritual hygiene,
let the heat cleanse
and release me
into you

let’s unite tonight
embrace you tight…

so much of me…

I thrive


by Shila Iris