2020 Vision: Read… study … know … enter … Before Christ…

Flashy car, fancy house and clothes… a pocket full of cash… a crowd around you to validate your worth… but what really is your worth when you know nothing of the history of your people and you don’t recognize the voices of your ancestors? You only know the voices of the ones paying you and training you to stay subservient and numb.

Who are you?

6000 years Before Christ (B.C.), where were your people and what were they doing? It’s been written. It’s been told by Us Afrikans in many wonderful texts. Your ancestors loved you so much, they wrote the history on the pyramid walls and tablets so that you wouldn’t forget. Kmt. Kemet. Nubia. Ta Seti. Sudan, then Ethiopia. You’d better read. 2020 Vision. Go back and fetch your history because the past is the future is the now. Everything is everything.

Peace and love,

Shila Iris