chasing gOd

I climb the hills in his shoulder blades
swim across the tide in his neckline…

chasing God, remembering… remembering…remembering…

When I touch his skin
it feels like I’m journeying back a thousand years
Like I’m traveling through time
discovering ancient identities
and exploring tantric wisdom

When my lips touch his portal of life
it feels like I’m giving birth
Like I’m giving in to his highs and lows
taking the pain with the pleasure,
embracing his duality

When I’m in his aura field
it feels like I’m breathing in pure air,
I give I give I give, I receive everything,

He is my reflection,
yes, I stand in protection of a bond between two souls, untethered
fear shattered,
We jump brooms and dance in a trance,
this is a high-end romance, a spirit-filled experience

I tap into his mood
His eye contact is demanding
of me to grant him the position,
caretaker of my heart
He’s reading my energy
I nurture him and feed him life

We move towards the sky
on a never-ending high

I’m looking into his eyes,
Grateful for clairvoyance
Grateful for balance
Grateful for peace

we co-mingle, co-create, co-operate
Nature blesses us with fruit


What’s in his skin is what’s in his spirit

who are you?

I am Shila Iris