Sucking the seed of a mango I learned to kiss
Tasting the sweet water in melons I learned to tap into the flavor of life,
succulent nectar dripping from each experience

I taste…

not caught up in his superficial
not caught up in his sex
not caught up in domination
or imposing
we are inside of each other

he is,
allowing the energy of me to permeate
as he penetrates me with words and truth

I concentrate on his vernacular and
the way he moves,
his harmonious high steps


He balances me with oneness
telling stories of how he became
He is as grateful as I

He says,
“Be with me. Come close, stay close.”

There is nothing between us
that we cannot speak

I breathe

“You have given me something
that I have wanted forever,” he says,

“even before I reincarnated”

We are attracting the things we need to ascend

I have felt peace,
and now I know of it

going, moving forward, and backwards,
and sideways

I will find a way to see you…

In each life.

goddess cyphering

by Shila Iris