To suffer a death-like experience and be reborn, a beautiful mind forms…

A continuous process of spontaneous growth

My thoughts unfold
revealing stories
knowing of enemies
knowing of friends

Having neither,
I abandon the trend of opinion

Throw caution to the wind
for an intimate experience

These mysteries are taboo
I find the voodoo that renews, the truth

is simple when observed from a safe distance
in close quarters, it is hard to define

Possibilities from a point of view
active forces shaping reality

I stare,
into your eye

Choosing life is sometimes goodbye

Walking along the lines of a beautiful mind,
my heart is as light as a feather

I see numbers, red dots and patterns
deciphering while I’m cyphering

I subtract, then add, instead
having nothing, I have it all

This little light of mine, it shines
I praise dance with my hands in the sky

Summoning, the sum total
the evenness of the odds

The electricity, the heartbeat, I am
one plus one, you, two plus two
Six times, I’ve
chosen this life, this form,
the dark heart of a panther
illuminating when penetrated

Indigo golden rod in the hands of, the
magician disappears
a dying god,
brings peace of mind,
eleven times, I’ve
known for two thousand seasons

Through several lives, I’ve
seen the best when it was the worst
is one in the same
The energy can be

can flow

through me, let go
come to, come be

open your eyes and

breathe me.

Thank you for coming!  I am grateful.