Wine & Brown Sugar…

Year on the bottle – 2015

This Malbec by Uno Antigal winery in Mendoza, Argentina is available at Whole Foods for about $11.99 – 15.99 a bottle.  It is dry, yet very smooth!  Absolutely delicious!  I drank it alongside a meal of crispy brussel sprouts and buffalo seasoned chicken.  I imagine it might be really good with beef, if you’re into red meat or any kind of smoked or charred veggie.  I find that many wines harvested in 2015 are delicious right now in 2019.  Check it out.  Let me know what you think.

I adore this movie for many reasons.  It makes me feel all warm inside (like the wine).  I love you Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def (he’s in the movie)!  Check it out.  Peace and joy.

Shila Iris -do nothing without intention…

It’s Springtime! Bring the indoors inside. Send flowers digitally from a distance. Might as well embrace the Information Age. I love flowers! Check out my murder weapon.

I am the Midwest woman who publishes on California time and I am truly an “analog girl in a digital world.”