We Come in Pairs

“Love is expressed by constant care and attention.”

He, the water
And I, a seed
He nourishes me
so plentifully

I am not independent
I am dependent upon
knowledge of self
Upon being in harmony
with a complementary twin force
I am not alone

male female
masculine feminine
spiritual physical
emotion reason
day night
left right
positive negative
above below
heaven earth
Sun Moon

I consume truth like food
for the soul, I
align with Mother Earth
the Universe, the Creator

We come in pairs, no opposites
complementing and completing
bringing solidarity to water

I disallow myself to interfere
With this love I have

Stay in flow
embracing all moments
with reverence and respect
for the apple in my first eye

I’m burning the program
changing the frequency
as the red pill turns blue

Art by Justin Copeland

he and I function so wonderfully
as his will-to-power and authority fade
the innate, he comprehends

“sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”
We are saving our own lives, in pairs

Baby, king, leader, father, friend, my man
I believe in you like I believe in me
Whatever it is, we will work through it
Our issues, our solutions, are One
I go hard in Love
delete, start over

I’m here for the death and the awakening
For this unicity
I got you,

Trusting my reflection
through his protection

I, the Earth
and he, the seed, 

plant him, in me…