The morning after…

The morning after you break free
When the message inside of you resounds
When you’ve been alone and listening
and practicing and chanting and hopping frequencies
and traveling thru alternate dimensions
and seeing numbers and symbols and signs
and meditating and discovering rituals

and the veil falls…

And the Sun appears
and you synthesize with the intelligent,
confident and gentle, ego-less, playful, divine masculine
and you summon the spirits
And your ancestors march in legions
from the east, the south, the west, and the north,
towards your light

When as above is so below

When you unMask
And the answers reveal themselves
When eyes that once were hazy become clear
and your femininity is a wave, a hurricane, an infinite power
and your wild woman flows, unharnessed
repelling and attracting

“The morning after I went into myself and pulled out the cancer,
the pain, the disharmony, and became,
a healer
With my own mind, and my own hands I, 
am the all seeing
the high being…”

When the blindfold falls
And you see yourself
and love yourself
and love yourself
and love yourself
but it’s something even deeper
I hear my voice
This is my choice
This is my life
I know the Way

by Shila Iris