As not to decipher my rights or my wrongs, he cried with me, and this was empowering…

He knew I didn’t have the strength to ask, so he offered
Letting go of cliches like “a closed mouth don’t get fed”
He decided to feed me instead

To bring light to my day
To empathetically morph into my existence and look out my eyes,
his eyes

He became me, and when he did

he became clairvoyant

seeing right through and into

he felt my heart beat like it was his own

And rather than judge, he offered all he had

Pulled me out of the water
when I was drowning

This is more than love
This is a force of nature

Thinkin’ bout you…

P.S. Because sometimes tornadoes interfere with hurricanes… I am a hurricane,
and because there are those of us, who offer life, over and over, from the cradle to the grave, and back again.

I am Shila Iris, for now…

drawing above by Jamaican artist, Donovan Nelson