UP LATE: All you gotta do is call me

AL GreenSimply Beautiful

I remember my mother’s love for the music of AL Green.  In fact, she had so much love for this man, she kept a crumbled rose that he had given to her at the Ohio State Fair during the 70s.  I was born in 1984.  She still had that rose wrapped in a plastic bag until the mid-90s!  She had shown up alone, hours early for his concert so that she could get a seat in the front row.  Sitting there, waiting, she didn’t realize that during his soundcheck, he had seen her from behind the curtain.  During the show, he came down off the stage and announced to the crowd that he wanted my mother to have that rose, his leather jacket and scarf for showing such commitment.  I’m sure her ♥ heart ♥ fluttered big time!  What an exciting moment.  I always loved hearing this story.  I too, enjoy AL Green.  I am pleased to share him.

P.S. A rose for Rosemary!  That’s her name.  And as you can imagine, he surely did say, “here’s a rose for Rosemary.” 

I’m up late, listening to these soft words.

Thank you for coming here,

Shila Iris