The fear of losing me…

You can pretend I’m a bad girl
You can pretend I’m a good girl
But whatever I got, you know you want it
Whatever you need, you know I got you

You can pretend that I broke your heart
But you know, it was never right from the start

You know you were betraying another to have me, but
you’d betray yourself not to pursue me, so
you did
and the timing was…
and the rest is history…

Your story…

Tell it how you please
It really doesn’t bother me
Paint pictures and tell the world that Shila wasn’t everything,
it’s funny to me
you prolonged this experience until I couldn’t,
but I wasn’t?

It’s eating you up not to know why I left, so
you provide a fake truth
to cover up the way you really feel

You know I’m down for the cause
and NOT just because I’m broken-hearted,
running from the past, and lonely

I really loved you
and I’m really strong
and I really held you down when you had nothing

and you know it

But do as you please
in your dreams, you remember me…
Say my name,
or don’t

I’m still here, and

I’m from the Jungle,
I know the deal

and you and I
know the real

Whatever you like, though

Did you forget?
You’re from the Jungle too

Let that fear go, the e go
and let’s eat

at ease.

by Shila Iris


The other side of life,
I’m so grateful!


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