Homo Sapien Gods – My Life Began Inside of an Aries

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR MOTHER!!!  This poem is dedicated to my parents, who are both Aries, who I watched love each other for many years, with little interference, but their seasons had to end, because sometimes, we make the wrong decisions. but the right choices. their souls mated. mated long enough to create 6 lives. from 1980 until 1987. a tribe. my parents were best of friends, facing their reflections in the eyes of the other, i’m like my mother, my dad, my brother, my sisters and I are one. it’s hard to allow each other to be human sometimes, right? “you’re really out of my control, but I’m not trying to rope you.” be free. i love the energy that created me. thank you for birthing iris, i’m with you til the end! peace and blessings, i send. 


Dopamine racing
the feeling is surreal
love is fleeting,
but his intentions are real
i am not his default
he didn’t steal me
he didn’t keep me on the side
he came to me, free as love can be
the wind blew around us,
creating a vortex
he rolled me up in a blunt and smoked my cerebral cortex
he speaks
i stop.
i listen
cerebellum bale- lance
there is nothing like me,
to him
he is high in between my sighs
he, lays there
looking into my eyes
he came inside, what a pleasant surprise
that’s what we do together
he carried my baggage to the trash
canned it, but didn’t chastise me nor reprimand it
I am not falling for him,
i rise, I rise, i rise, I rise!!!
i can see myself in the skies!
i am loving this
homo sapien god
             My LIFE began inside of an Aries.
my lover, my friend
he gave me a heart beat
teething, over his shoulder
as he takes over,
i am in your arms
burning in your fire,
higher, higher!
lifting the smoke screen
you see me,
resonating in my mind
my King
i am so in love with you

My siblings and I were all born under the conditions illustrated in this poem. 


Sitting here thinkin’ bout ya’ll

Recently, I have met some of the dopest and illest human beings alive. When I say dope and ill, I mean intelligent, wisdom-filled homo sapien gods!

It all started last year, when I attended the Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, New York. The people, these “like-bodies” were so attractive, out-going, and confident. It was an amazing flow of energy in the air. It felt like we were walking between pyramids in Egypt. Such beauty reminded me that I was god. I began TRANSFORMING…

I felt elevated. And when I came down from this high, I went to you…

LET ME LOVE YOU. IT’S NOT COMPLICATED. My intentions are to plant seeds inside of you and to keep an open heart, and an open mind with You and YOU, and yoU, and YoU too. I got mad love for the Free people of the world! And I ain’t talking bout people with money and control, I’m talking about those real One’s, who live outside of the Matrix; who are bold lovers of themselves, and they love you too. GODS. They make you feel so good; not by stroking your ego in your weak moments, and not by pretending to choose you when it’s really default; but by telling you the truth, I’M MARRIED 2U. I’m married to me. I give you what you need, if you worthy. Brothas, sistahs! WE ARE meant 2B doing this together. Bring your LIKE-Minds into my atmosphere. Ya’ll inspire me to be god. Ya’ll remind me of my ancestral grace, in a world that tells me to hide it. I’m not hiding. I’m not lying. Reciprocity. I’m not afraid of you. I’ll look you in your eyes and say, “I’m god!”wpid-2015-04-06_15.57.44.jpg

But so are you. My darling Aries kindred sprits – Happy birthday

March 28 – Kyla, my oldest niece, and my youngest soul mate, i love your smile
March 28 – Zoië, my youngest niece, this wild one bites, I need this crazy baby
April 2 – My daddy, i love your poetic hustlin’
April 8 – Andre, my coolest cousin
April 8 – Imhotep Frank TheeTalented 10th, my sounding board, 13 years passed fast!
April 10 – My mother, mom, hmmmm. i am u.
April 10 – My Brandi Gregg! I love your Barbie doll collection and your warm hugs!
April 14 – Mr. Bobby Williams, who i can say anything under the Sun to, turns out, i need u

I am so glad to be able to connect with the Aries, rising with the Sun and resting with the Moon. Let the peace and blessings manifest within you, together, we are One.P.S. I do not want you to go, but I don’t know how to stop you. Live in my musicwpid-2015-04-06_13.31.07.jpg
i am OSIRIS and I’m RiSinG!!