Sunday Nights… I Don’t Feel Like Talking, JusT LisTen

He asked, “where did you come from?” I placed my hands on his heart, looked into his eyes and said, “I come from inside of you. Just listen.”

I don’t feel like talking tonight. I just want to sit here in silence, and be the moon. It’s not complicated. Moving through the Universe, on high, I fly.

1.  ORANGE MOON:  Erykah Badu

I’m an Orange Moon
I’m brighter than before
Brighter than ever before
I’m an Orange Moon and I shine so bright
Cause I reflect the light of my sun
I praise the day, he turned my way
And smiled at me
He gets to smile and I get to be orange, that I love to be


You’re ruling the way that I move
And I breathe your air
You only can rescue me
This is my prayer
If you were mine
If you were mine
I wouldn’t want to go to heaven

3. TOMORROW: Lisa Shaw

Does love feel real
Would you say
I’d find a way
To be there for you
And I’d stay
If you let me down
I’d be there
Again and again

4. THE TICKLER:  YahZarah

The sun glistens off your skin
In a universe with me and you baby
Under your control I’m in
Boy you ask and you’ll find the fire deep within

5. NOTHING EVEN MATTERS:  Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo 

You’re part of my identity
I sometimes have the tendency
To look at you religiously
‘Cause nothing even matters to me

Hope you liked those 5. And here’s a bonus track. Goodnight.

____________________BONUS BONUS BONUS!!!

6. UNDERTOW: Goapele

From the moment I saw you
There was something about you
Just from the look in your eyes
I knew I wanted to stay
How you were licking your lips
I could tell you we’re danger
Babe you’re the type of boy
Not even love can change
So I know I should leave
But I’m not ready to go
About to ride that wave
Got me in your zone

I am shila.iris.