The Last Day in February: The Tears that Formed Lake Victoria

… my heart stopped
for a minute it skipped beats
I held on to the side of the well
head lowered, looking down into darkness
tears flowed freely
I had given so much
my space
my support
my time
he asked for more
he asked for things that he, himself could not give
he required much,
but gave so little
how could I allow this?

unfriendly palpitations
took the breath of me
unkind words
took the rest
leaving me speechless
our conversations dwindled
I forgot who I was
and so did he |


i need to hear you praise me
I am Queen
i need you to reciprocate
I am esteemed
i need you to rise to my occasion
for I am the one who brought you light
i need you to ask me,
be a Pisces
if you think that you must have more
then please, dismiss me
i am worth every drop of blood
I am warrior royalty
so, if you’re not willing to fight

i think that you are beautiful,
to someone you belong
you are just not tuned to play my song

the spring is coming
making revolutions around far off sunsets
triggering early sunrise
you will find what you are looking for

she is the haram of your harem
could your sin be pretend?

photo from jackielaryea blog

Photo from the Jackie Laryea blog


from The Last Day in February: The Story of Kitara and the Tears that Formed Lake Victoria (unclassified poetry in motion by Shila Iris)


2 thoughts on “The Last Day in February: The Tears that Formed Lake Victoria

    • Thank you John! I revisited a short story that I once wrote. This was a piece of it. I definitely want to publish a book of them at some point. Working at the library, I’ve listened to many stories, and I have many to tell of my own- some painful, some joyous, some humiliating, hilarious, beautiful, enlightening,- all worth the journey. What a life! I live, I love. Peace out.


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