EveryONE beneath the Sun must find a Way… the last hour of Winter welcomes the First Day of Spring, 6:45 our Time

Don’t be afraid
in the shadows of darkness
the night balances out the day
as the vernal equinox finds its way
6, 4, 5
post meridian, it’s time

find me
all that you thought mattered
wasn’t filling
i am your fullness
i am your Spring
the mistress of mystery
goddess ciphering
rotating, evolving, blossoming,
untouched by your inability to feel
the real, I am the way,

come lift me
let go of the dead weight

my womb is thirsty
the life inside of me has yet to be born
put your hands into my loop

and bring forth eternal life


i am waiting
allowing the medicinal metaphors of history
the prophetic memories of the seasons past
redirect my high

i am turnt
i am in another di e
mension, i fly
through the evening sky

Into the Blue

you haven’t felt it yet,
but i have,
let me tell you about the reasons, last
night i was fucking the light
it keeps me grounded
i am
rooted in the things you told me to pay attention to

you are in my dreams
cycling through my thunderous extremes
i receive
messages from gods

i process the important data
hieroglyphs painted on my walls

my soul left my body
i am traveling
my unconscious mind
con  trives

the TRUTH,
the story of my genes
my ancestors, the creators of liberty
want me to be free
to say words like:

you are the day, and I am the night
put your fingers in my sands and
draw two parallel lines to measure us
wake up

life is experimental, but he plays chess
the living doesn’t start until you say yes,
to greatness,
let go of an empty search
you should ask the god in you for me
or should you let life just be?
don’t live in misery,
when you could have my mysteries

ok, so it’s like this
i want you
in the Spring
do you want me?

it took me forever to be right on time

peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned,
shila_iris is OSiRiS RiSinG is your Queen is your Reality, i am power, come play with me
Face it.
i am poet.

listen… and be wild as the warm winds…