Sunday Morning Sermons

We all need to be fed differently. I eat from this tree. I am well nourished. Sunday morning mysteries, wake up world and stop sleeping.

Verse 2:

Now see me, like a fool wandering in my own hell
Because I believe I can save this love
Tell me how far must I disregard my own pride, my own pride
To make you understand this love is for real

Oh deep down, beyond, the surface of your humble heart
You long for my passion, you long for love

Verse 2:

Why do we want to remain where we started?
And how long do we want to stop ourselves from thinking?
We should learn from experience that what we are here for this existence
But now we decide to use the same hatred to suppress our own brothers
It is so comfortable to say racism is the cause
But this time it is the same colour chasing and biting us
Knowledge and selfishness that they gave to us,
this is what we use to abuse us

Wake up world!!
Wake up and stop sleeping
Wake up africa!!
Wake up and stop blaming
Open your eyes!!
Stand up and rise
Road block oh life penalty

Apply it to your life. Start thinking deeper. Dive into the real. There, you will find me. Alone.

3rd Eye

Peace and blessings manifest,
wake up man, woman, and stop sleeping!

I am Shila, the most High


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