The Nile River Flows Through Me

He is the River Nile
The soil around him is fer tile
he is steady planting seeds
and watering them with my juices
his trees bear the fruit of me
on the branches I rest majestically
I call out to Pharaoh,
my divine King
when he’s in between
things are Exactly what they seem
His greatness creates streams,
that run through me
becoming rivers
flowing around my canals
and ravines
his Ebony mysteries,
prophetic history
prepares me for storms,
and extremes
When the floods come,
I am safe
surrounded by the aura of his grace
Protected by his Strength
I am goddess queen to this god
he studies the sun, the moon
and the stars
making calculated moves
he lives the truth and
bequeaths it to me
I live in his pyramid
Kushite to Meroë
temple to tomb
downriver to Timbuktu
across the Sahara
we stand in our own reflections
wanting less, needing nothing
but the presence of the person in the moment
Long Live the King in Me!

Queen OSiRis





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