the Coming

It’s as simple as having a conversation
Having a conversation that reflects my intimacy
with the masculine

with the land, my people, and the ancestors

It’s telling
It’s telling a story
in a motherly tone
one that is assuring
that will give you Life
one that will elevate you to the highest form
so that you can transform

It’s nurturing
and forgiving
It’s the fatherly energy that dictates
the flow of the ocean during those
delicate developmental years of our youth

It’s an interplanetary balancing of the opposites
between the darkened ones who have the light

whose algorithms match the next level of creation
and will define the form of the coming collective state of nature

The Universe,
lies within this atum, atom
the destruction of civilization,
is the transformation

Bombs over this low,
we are the high
the fusion, the change,
the manifestation of rotating brains

We follow spirit into

it’s Loud
it’s rocky
the terrane

is extreme
we cover our faces
leaving traces of our breath of life


because calm is the mask of peace…

the butterflies signal the release

of the left and right
coming center

be reminded
of yourself

inside of me

yo u de cide
c ome h ome

by Shila Iris