The Mis-Education of Shila Iris

…and before I knew it, I was spending many of my Friday nights studying, Hip Hoppin,’ and gyrating-vibrating aka dancing. Give it up, give it all!!! I surrender, dear Shila, to You!

I’m so in Love with Her. I am at peace with Her. Gotta keep freeing her mind, each and every second of every day. The intent is real. Lonely’s the only other company, meaning, She is the Love no other Love can Be [insert Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite].

It is so stimulating to exercise the cranium, thus changing yourself, and then the world, the air you breathe, and the energy around You.

Your oppressor cannot educate You. Trust. I Know. Study and listen, and then we can move coherently. How you gonna change the world for My People when you know nothing about them?

Come closer,

Shi la I ris

Let these truths be your spiritual foundation.