The Closer We…

I am amazed at how with him I can speak
I can speak strong and passionately
I can be expressive and loud,
and still and quiet
anyway, I want to be,
he embraces my All


He’s so secure within himself,
he encourages it


He encourages my existence as a woman,
but moreso my existence as a
divine presence ascending

Up, up, up and away.

He doesn’t see me as being against him
He knows that I am for him
He knows that I adore him
He knows from where I come

He says, “lift your voice and sing.”

He and I take pleasure
in healthy and peaceful conversation
He and I take pleasure
in knowing and growing

We get even better, even hotter,
even toned, we,
are two sides of the same coin, we
toss and turn, and take risks
And at night, we return, we
convene, we
demonstrate, we
heal and find flow
so that in the morning we can co-create

He wants me to have a choice.

He isn’t interested in a woman who lies down
An actress,

doing things that turn her into a machine
He isn’t interested in a woman
“who knows how to treat a man”
Because he knows that the things men have

been taught to do are far from godly
are far from creating balance,
are far from harmonious living,
these oppressive trifles,
a performance full of comfortable distractions on the road to demise

I treat him like the god that he is
and so he goes deep within,
looking behind my eyes

He knows why the caged bird sings.

He wants me,
not for how willingly I can submit,
he wants me to be free, and
he knows that when I am uplifted,
my magic comes alive
He is, the B side to my A
Our records spinning
There’s no pretending
No disappearing, no MIA

His security is full of love
I feel safe even in his absence
He’s in my mind,
he came on time,
he’s big, he’s small, he’s fine
Fine in a way that ever so liberates
And as much stimulates,
I’ll give him what he needs
I’ll cover him when he bleeds
I’ll nurture his seeds, indeed
He is more than a man
I choose.
So glad that life is like the ocean
The tide comes in, oh the lessons we learn
The patience, the wisdom that comes when you seek it
He doesn’t tell me how to live my life
He listens and inquires and gives
He comes closer, so close I can feel his heartbeat
He wants to know how I became what I am
and I want to know him too
With no compromise

He is like the clouds in the sky
Shapeshifting, but consistent
He hears me.
Loud and clear.
He asks, “are you with me?”
I say, “I have always been with you.
I do.”

So the proverb is true

The man that silences a woman,
silences himself.

and so we both speak
with no measure, he

has reminded me of what love can do.

The closer we get.

by Shila Iris