6 Fantastically Appealing Women 2019

These days I am very mindful of the things I consume.  I have sensitive eyes, ears, and tastes.  My heart is seeking purity at the highest level.  With an open spirit, I attract great energy and truth.  In my world, this intelligence knows no boundaries.  With each person I come into contact with, I find a positive vibration, even in the darkest of hearts and even when it’s hard to see from behind the masks that we all wear.  I find the duality in all things.  There are lessons to be learned.  Everyone is a teacher.  Allow the light into your life!

Meditate (to think, to ponder, to fix attention) on this powerful feminine persuasion…

United States Representative Ilhan Omar

Activist Tamika Mallory 

Academic Kaouthar Darmoni 

Spiritual Scholar Kamil Oshundara 

Entrepreneur Dawn Dickson 

Gender Activist & Author Samina Ali 

Stay tuned… I have my eyes fixed on 6 wonderfully appealing men as well.

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I am Shila (shy-lah) Iris