A Love Supreme

I hear you Mr. Coltrane
Building and breaking down rhythms
Suspended, intensive tension
Creating transformative experiences that heal our souls
I hear you inside of me,
consuming me
Driving me to create and co-create,
allowing me this intuitive moment of recreation

I feel you engaging me and filling me with water
changing my molecular structure
giving me power and reminding me of who I am
I’m becoming her again
As I go through these motions
These hard bottoms,
the rug was pulled from beneath me and all I could do is
tune in to a mellow mood
I hear you
Making me remember where I come from
I see our ancestors lining up to hear you
Turiya joining, spiritual unity at its highest,
or low, improvise,
play me a song, so I can levitate
Trance, meditate,
towards be bop, I gravitate
I see you standing beside me, pushing me to my limits,
a love profound
Giving and receiving
your love Supreme
I am traveling in these abstract realms
Seeing to know
to live
to be
Closer to who I am, closer and closer
I change the track and let
it all come in
and another one, and another one
The flow is
Wonderfully droning, the waves
enlightening, the veil fades
As the world turns
I fast
Transcending even ethnic distinctions,
All illusions Demystified
An illness is cured
Bye bye blackbird
We are Rich with resources
This awakening,
Cymatic evolution

at peace

by Shila Iris

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