Clairvoyance through Observation

The past is gone forever,
the future does not exist.
Our moment,
is Now.
Will you see me?   -Shila Iris

Nkiruka Oparah

The Digital Collage Art of Nkiruka Oparah

The Affirmation:
I pray for the power to LoVe appropriately,
the courage to forgive,
for clairvoyance through observation,
and for the integrity to honor my word,
respecting all who deserve such…

More on the FEATURED artist:

Nkiruka Oparah

Nkiruka Oparah. Fusing her own photography with film/video stills and images sourced through Tumblr, Oparah fashions striking collages and graphics that mediate upon portrayals of African identity. The Brooklyn-based Nigerian artist weaves socio-cultural narratives into glitchy compositions that acknowledge complex histories with a forward-looking slant; “It’s the flux of the internet- its incompleteness- in combination with an evolving African identity that opened up this graphic way of image making for me”, says Oparah, in conversation with The Guardian earlier this year (online magazine).

How the Art Makes Me Feel. The work of Nkiruka Oparah is quite tasteful and very inspiring. I am prone to support art that represents the Afrikan diaspora, that in which I can see myself, and in this case, I believe that Oparah does an excellent job of identifying with the different elements of the Afrikan journey through civilization. Her art is a call to look within. It reminds me of the importance of “knowing thyself,” which is more than the obvious, it is tapping into the magic of your existence and loving all the elements that make up you, because:

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.  – Marcus Gravey

… in my absence, I am thinking
and learning and creating…

when time passes by,
I can see you clearly.

Shila Iris 



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