9 Days Until AfroPunk: Capturing the Beauty of Black Brazilian Women & the Sundust Goddess Series

AfroPunk BannerDiasporically Speaking: AfroPunk is known for its online editorials that capture and acknowledge the movement of Black people from the continent of Afrika to other places all over the world. In March of this year, AFROPUNK.COM featured the work of photographer Vini Souza and artist Janaína Grasso in a series of photos named: Capturing the Beauty of Black Brazilian Women.

Capturing the Beauty of Black Brazilian Women was inspired by visual artist, Sara K. Golish’s Sundust Goddess series:

Can You see the inspiration? I too, am inspired by the work of other artists, ancestors, family, etc. Aren’t we all? It’s all good! Peace and love!

→ Full article here.
→ Sara K. Golish here.
→ Vini Souza here.

You will see a whole lot of Afrikan Black beauty at AfroPunk from people to art to spirit.

See you there!

i am Shila Iris 

Shila Iris