11 Days Until AfroPunk & The Iconic GRACE JONES

Saturday, August 22 (BROOKYLN, NYC) 

Grace Jones 1

I am certain that this will be a euphoric experience. My eyes sparkle with anticipation of Grace Jones’ AfriKan Essence. Whoooo-hoooo! Can’t wait. See you there!

Grace Jones 2

Why is Grace Jones perfect for AfroPunk fest?
AfroPunk is a movement that gives voice to thousands of multi-cultural kids fiercely identifying with a lifestyle path-less-traveled. Founded in 2002 by visionaries Matthew Morgan and James Spooner, it explores the indie rock/punk/hardcore scene beyond the predictable Caucasian audience. The word AFROPUNK itself has become synonymous with open-minded, non-conforming and unconventional, placing the institution at the epicenter of urban culture inspired by alternative music. Isn’t that what the life and music of Grace Jones represents?  

Afro Punk BROOK

i am Shila Iris

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