Karmatic Life Explosions

Karma3Monday morning anxieties,
washed away
visions of forever,
the comprehension of humanity,
living contradictions,
fly away.
no judgment of before, or after
new stories, begin

living on the path of the sun
i orbit
my heart beats to
the length and rhythm of day and night

seasons change
shape and speed, rotation leads

the past is gone,
the future, unpredictable,
the moment is now.

the love that I grew for you is 360
energy, recycled,
i don’t know what to do.
but the thought doesn’t make me blue,
my heart goes out to you.

degrees from experience,
and karmatic life explosions
there is no equation,
it’s all in persuasion.
which mountain do you stand on?
outlook and perspective
lost emphasis in translation

did they forget that there is
no Always, no Never
It’s Possibly, Maybe.
promises turn shady

the lava from volcanic eruptions
bring me closer to my Maker,
i am the Creator.
This side of the moon,
life is worth living.
free your mind
and the rest, will follow.      -by shilairis

ˈkärmə/  > informal
  • destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.
peace and love,
Queen OSiRis