I am Eclipsing

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”  – RumiEclipse

i am the moon, eclipsing

i was not waiting in darkness for you to bring me light,
my world was already bright
but I am obliged that you have added to my majesties
with simple acts of faith

teacher, no preacher
lover, no hate
brother, no enemy
adventure, no drama
truth, no contradiction

allegiance, no opposition
bravery, no blame
harmony, no aversion
human, as in nature.

that’s what you are.
A mariner.

I am not blinded by your light,

i can see.
i can see my mistakes.
i can see, I am great.


you are free.
And you make me,
want to be,

an explorer.

of myself,
of my individual wealth.

thank you for unleashing,
this dreamer inside of me.

i am the moon, eclipsing

spinning on the earths’ axis
my day, my night, is mine.

moth to a flame,
my experience, i claim

rising, OsiRis.
the sun belongs to me,

me, myself, and I,
my holy Trinity.

by shila iris

NatureToday, I am inspired by my dreams of Khem. I feel like I was there. Explore.

Queen OSiRis