I am your Soul Sista…

Sometimes in life, we cannot offer people a commitment, but we can offer them one hell of an experience! All experiences are relevant. We need them to balance us out for what is to come. So don’t be afraid to love. Love right. Not at the risk of hurting someone, but purely, and bravely. I am your soul sista. Let’s have a good time.

I love Bilal in this. The way he touches her at @0:35 & @2:07 is incredible. The movement throughout is lovely especially @3:25. Brings back memories, Bilal! I see you QuestLove!

On an ARTISTIC level this song hit so many hi-hats in my spirit. It’s very poetic.

and 5 more for the road…

EXPERIENCE 1: I just got out of a situation, and I’m not trying to get into anything serious, but we can chill. Know what I mean? 

EXPERIENCE 2: There ain’t no denying the strength of this attraction. 

EXPERIENCE 3: It feels so right, it can’t be wrong.

EXPERIENCE 4: How can I want you for myself, when I’m already someone’s girl? 

EXPERIENCE 5: Money flying everywhere! Every person deserves an experience where there is no penny-pinching. “Spend my money, baby!” Have fun! 

Be accountable for all your experiences. Pass no judgement because we all enjoy the excitement of being with someone who understands our needs. Like instruments, sometimes we get out of tune, and we have to find the right tuner. Even if it’s for the moment, we have to be open to the sound of the person whom the Universe sends to show us our reflection. When you look into that person’s eyes, that mirror, you better be ready to face reality because you will see the good, but you most definitely see the bad. All of what you see in that person, is you. We are human beings, we are soundboards for one another. We attract people who are weak like us and strong like us. Find the next person that will tune you. Get your sound right and come back around.

I’m not endorsing this behavior, but it is kind of sexy, right? -John Legend

P.S. Remember to tell the truth about your choices. Don’t cover up a good experience with lies because you are embarrassed or afraid of what people might think. You have to know that we reap what we sow. Karma is that balance we need to wake up. Be private and use discretion, and most importantly be honest with the person with whom you are having the experience with. There is no need to fake or rush anything. Rushed behavior only leads to more hurt and confusion. Take your time and allow things to blossom or allow yourself to live in the moment because time doesn’t wait for any of us. Live the life you desire. Kiss a girl who makes your blood boil. Kiss a man who makes you scream.

From my heart to yours, the lessons I’ve learned. Peace & love.

-Shila Iris

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