Not Loving the Lies… a poetic experience

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Just wanted to share some poetry.

As I listen and listen to the stories of my acquaintances, I am realizing that people are saying the same things and telling the same lies. I am trying to express that here. I hear this so much: “I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Well, your choice to withhold information will lead to pain. That is the way that cookie crumbles. We have to start being wiser about the truth. You may think you have your lies under control, but guess what. Not really.

… but I don’t want to judge. Smiling.



8 thoughts on “Not Loving the Lies… a poetic experience

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    • John! I am writing an article on the ankh and how it relates to my everyday. I would love to hear/read your thoughts on the ankh and how your relationship with the symbol began. Email me.

      Peace Brotha.


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