Hope and A Future: A Celebration of Haiti

Looking For Life… I really dug this post. Love it!

Paola... Lost in New York City


“Everyday in America, we get up, and we live life because we have infrastructure. We have water. We have electricity. We don’t think about these things. We utilize these things. But (en Ayiti) in Haiti, we have to get up, and we have to (cheche lavi) look for life. But despite that, we still get up, we still say, ‘Thank you life.’ We still say mesi lavi.” -Marie-Yolaine Eusebe

It’s 2013, and a major issue in Haiti is Cholera. Lack of clean water and healthcare have made it difficult to get rid of the widespread epidemic. Most families, whether they live in the remote mountains of Haiti or an over-populated city, don’t have access to clean water. Women and children either have to hike or walk for a long period of time to obtain water in plastic gallons and water buckets. The water they have access to is not clean…

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