Being Free

Walk like a queen, think like a goddess…

I really like Natalie Stewarts’ poetry. I prefer this type of deliverance more than others such as slam or spoken word. This is slow and sensual, allowing us to think and grasp the words. I dig.

Being Free – It’s Poetry

The reality is that sometimes I am open

I am open to the world around me

The people I see inspire me to be the best that I can be

I am open to the man or the woman that is aware of my love vibrations

Understanding that I am not moved by lust or lack of trust

I am moved by the soul acceptance and the humility that oozes out of your heart

Judged mistakes make it seem like you think that you are better than me
It’s a sad reality that you choose to be bothered by my freedom
Your troubled glances, take me out of my natural high trances and you leave me wanting to abandon your community

I want to be so far away from your ego and your drunken stupors that I  am willing to leave it all behind
Just so that I can breath

Mother nature is calling me and urging me to spread my wings

But I am here, trying to fight and win back the time when I was your native queen

My heart is not under lock and key

My mind is not hard to decipher for the person that is meant for me

I respect myself, I respect my growth, I respect the yellow brick road that goddess has paved for me. My journey is golden no matter how low I am or how high

It’s all a part of the beautiful image of me that sits on your mantelpiece

If I never told you this, let me be clear what I am and what I am not

I am water

I am constantly flowing creating a vortex around the minds of people who choose to receive me

I am not too proud yet I do not possess low esteem

I am well versed on where I come from and I intend to share that world with anyone who crosses my path

I am uncompromising when it comes to my values and I will not be told that I am anything less than great

I am the spitting image of what it means to be human

I am good I am bad I am love I am hate

I use the scales to weigh the situations that bind my mind

I get confused when you decide to use me and walk all over my ability to remove myself from harm and chaos
I am not a cheerleader, I am more like a friend who is not afraid to tell you that you are wrong and dead wrong and you need to go home, maybe be alone

to reflect on what it is you really want

I don’t want to drag my feet across filthy floors and be defined by my ability to please you, and inability to see you through a storm that might last forever

I don’t want to scream and shout about love, there should be no doubt

I don’t want to paint beautiful pictures of people who cannot see me, will not see, and refuse to stop killing me over and over and over, it’s not softly
It hurts to be stabbed and jabbed with words that are meant to pierce my soul and destroy my freedom

I do not comprehend waiting, when momentum is now
I am not interested in missing any chances I have to eat, pray, and love

If I am not eating with you and if I am praying with you than love is cancelled out and it’s time to move on

I am not easy in any manner and I am not unreasonable banter

I am just a woman who is interested in the real thing

by Shila Iris

July 4

Queen Duafe for African Essence


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