8 Ways to Know You Are a Person of Character

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Words of Balance

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8 Ways to Know You Are a Person of Character

1. You Are Honest

When no one is watching

2. You Push Yourself

Harder than your boss pushes you

3. You Stand Up

For what you know is right, when it really matters

4. You Believe 

You have the ability to make a difference

5. You Care

About the well being of others ahead of yourself

6. You Tell the Truth

No matter how painful

7. You Forgive

With an open heart

8. Kindness

Is more important than your reputation

This post was written by Aaron Aslin. Aaron is an entrepreneur, amateur philosopher, and blogger. He uses his background in marketing to bring people to ideas that inspire, motivate, and create purpose in their lives. You can follow him @aaronaslin and facebook.com/aaronaslin

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