Baby It’s Spring & It Might Rain Outfits!

It’s still a little cold in the Midwest, but it’s getting warmer! Hopefully the stockings season will be over soon! Enough with the April showers! This week, it should reach the upper 60s and believe me, we are all soooo happy! Tune in later this week for my style ideas for our warmer weather.

The last of the stockings…


THE STYLE: The stockings are from Target’s clearance bin.They were only about $5 for 2 pairs; the skirt is from Forever21 because I love their cheap skirts; $6; the shirt is from TJMaxx for $10; the legwarmers are from Claire’s for $7; the boots are from Kohl’s and have been featured on my blog several times for $21; the earrings are from Glitter for of course $1; the hat is from Spencer’s for maybe  $15; the jacket was from Sears on an out-of-season sale and hopefully we won’t need that anymore! It was $10.


Long dresses that are made of a light-weight fabric are great for the Spring. You can lighten up dark colors with bolder colors. Check it out.

THE STYLE: The headwrap fabric is from JoAnns (like $3 by the yard); the leggings which were just back up because the dress is s bit see-through were $10 at Kohls; the dress is from H&M on clearance it was $7; the necklace– I was getting my hair twisted and a guy came in the salon selling jewelry! Yes, I gave him $15 for it (lol); the belt is from the Body Shop for $10; the sweater is from TJMaxx for $11.

Queen Duafe for African Essence

P.S. Need a book to read? Check this out: Egyptian Yoga Volume 1: The Philosophy of Enlightenment by Muata Ashby

Egyptian Yoga Volume 1: The Philosophy of Enlightenment

Wait a minute! Need some music? Sade liberated me this afternoon with music from her 2011 tour!