Storytelling is a creative art form that dates back to the beginning of time. It has been one of the most effective methods in communicating and in sharing history. It allows us to break down and let it all out! I personally love to share my stories with people as part of my cycle of growth. I have loved and been loved; I have hurt and been hurt- telling these stories are liberating!

No one can tell you how to tell your story. You have to decide on the best way to share your life. Some people will like what you do, and many won’t, but if you keep a clean heart, the world will return the positive energy to you.

I most often choose to tell my stories using poetry. I look like this when I do (lol). Queen1


I find it refreshing and it gives me a crazy boost that flows through my entire body! It’s hard to explain. My style is at best rhythmic, but the cadence changes just as the temperature of my stories change. My pulse goes up and down and through the roof! Even when I’m calm, I’m excited inside. I tell women’s stories because I AM WOMAN. Some of these stories are bright and cheerful, and some are deep and dark, but in the end everything is good.

In storytelling, I have learned that denial is not an option. The truth sets me free. My perspective is what’s most important in my art of storytelling. I mesh together what I have learned with what’s happening now. The past, the future, and the most important- THE PRESENT! I am here RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow or yesterday- now!

In my continued celebration of women I would like to share with you a small gift that a very special person gave to me … Nikki Giovani’s book “My House.” Published in 1972.

The guy that gave me this book is someone that I talk to in passing, but he’s almost a stranger. Somehow he understood that I adored poetry and he decided to give me this book as a gift for Women’s History Month. Much love to him for thinking of me. What is so special about this gift is that pages 25 and 26 are missing! The poem that is supposed to be on these pages is called Just A New York Poem. This is weird for me because New York has been on my mind for weeks now. He gives me this book with the poem ripped out! Interesting. I feel like I needed that poem to be in the book, but it is not. Well, the rest of the book is great. Check it out if you can.


I like Nikki’s poems. I met Nikki Giovanni during my undergraduate studies at Fisk University. She once attended Fisk and she was a visiting professor for some time. I really dig her evolution as a woman. Her stories travel deep into the soul and resonate. She tells the truth. I appreciate Nikki Giovanni and all the women who boldly tell stories of hurt and triumph without placing blame or pointing fingers. Peace to all Queens who have stopped hiding. Peace to you.

Queen Duafe for African Essence