Akua Naru & Aziza Yasmine – Much Style & Much Flava

Most people who know me, know about my TWO loves:

Melodic Poetry & Natural Beauty

Akua Naru, lyricist, is the definition of femininity IN poetry at its finest. Redefining hip hop, her lyrical prowess is a sultry caress to my ears- so much soul. 

Aziza Yasmine, natural hair stylist, softly caresses the tresses to bring out the best in every woman. She has been transitioning women back to their natural roots since the 90s after returning from a trip to Africa where she learned many hair techniques.

These two women visually remind me of one another. They have similar spirits and do a great job at their crafts. Upon listening to Akua, I get butterflies. For me, this means that I am learning and believing and feeling a kindred spirit. When in Aziza’s chair, I feel a level of trust that I have not felt with many others. I adore these women and in celebration of WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH, I want to honor their contributions to WOMANHOOD. They are very much alive and moving and are helping women to define what they are. Choose to cherish your true identity, and not live in vain. BE YOURSELF. Start listening and start appreciating what you are. Check out the video below to hear what Akua has to say about telling stories and about womanhood. I like her message. What we must realize is that the way we talk, the way we look, and the things we do, define us. Your physical identity tells the story of your existence, just as your words and actions do. Make sure you’re living righteously and putting out love. What you give out is exactly what you will receive. Live, learn, and change. Grow up, not down. Peace!

Sisters in struggle,