Queen Esperanza Spalding- Black Gold insert Nneka

Have you seen her? Better yet, have you heard the voice of this charming young queen? Her spirit is so fly, this I cannot deny. I’ve seen some interviews and I have a few of her CDs. She has grown so much over the years. Practice, practice, practice.

She is the new thing in JAZZ music and is actually the one keeping it alive. This is 2012 jazz at its best! Her concerts sell out! She is at all the festivals. She plays the double bass and the bass guitar and she does it well. I have seen her playing what seemed to be some very difficult chords, while carrying a tune in voice. Amazing talent. I really hope she passes it on and inspires children to love art in music. The video below is awesome, I don’t know who the lady singing with her is, but they are both Black Gold.

As it pertains to your African Essence, this is an example of women being beautiful in their own skin. No globs of make-up, weave, tight clothes, none of that ridiculous mess. These sisters are truly inspirational and they look absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a style to take home. In the spirit of finding the true you, enjoy.

Peace & love,

Queen Duafe for African Essence


Check out this bonus video. This girl is just wonderful! When I start to see myself in these women, I know we are great. I know we can ALL be great in what we do and pass positive messages of true identity on to one another. Let’s change the world through art queens! Peace.