Washed Away

I hear the same thing in most things, the truth of the matter
I hear the same thing in most people, the truth of the matter

The truth sounds Like a triLLion different things
The truth even sounds like a Lie…

“I died and came aLive a miLLion times.”

So, bLock me…

untiL you can’t. Keep on. XOXO.

(a tribute to Marveon’s waves, they so coLd!)

… I’m so far away, but so cLose. To you.
Let the dust settLe. Stardust.
Be quiet and Listen. To us… that’s you and me dancing.

When I get a kiss, I need that hug,
and when I get that hug, I need that kiss, either Lips. Either body,

otherwise, stand stiLL.

The dust that settLes on the baseboards. In time.

… stand up to me or bow down,
either way, you’LL get what you need. Give.

Let it sink in, my Love.
Where you going?


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