Wu-Tang is on Tour!

Are you down?  

I’m super excited about seeing these brothers on the Gods of Rap tour.  They are not coming to my town, so I have to decide where to go.  My options are:

Chicago is always fun for me…
I haven’t been to Cleveland in a long time and I’d love to see my family…
Maybe Raleigh?  I’ve never been, but my sister lives in NC.
Nashville would be hot, I have a lot of history there…
I have yet to visit Seattle, and Cali is by far my favorite state in the U.S. so I am always down for a visit.  Where would you go?  The tour ends in August in Minneapolis with De La Soul and Public Enemy!  That will be exciting; and of course, there’s always New York where the show is likely to be the greatest because it’s Wu-Tang’s hometown.  Suggestions?


WHAT’S IN MY MUG – Today I am drinking GOLDEN MILK.  It is so delicious!  This is half almond milk, half coconut milk, turmeric, cinnamon, honey and a pinch of black pepper.  There are many different ways to make this, I’m sure you’ll find what you like.  I tend to use more coconut milk which I buy canned.  Due to its richness, this is a whole breakfast for me.  I don’t tend to eat solid foods in the morning- just water, smoothies, and this milk!  Since nature forced me to let coffee go, I have discovered many wonderful options that seem to be much healthier for me.  Try it.  Peace.

I am Shila Iris