My Introduction to Shirley Chisholm

black-history_feb-10_copyright-shila-iris-2017To be the person to act against the odds with no precedent is honorable. It means you are a builder, helping to establish a blueprint towards positive change. Every lucrative society needs architects. On the road to freedom, we have had many great minds that fought, tooth and nail, to help people of African descent living in America breakthrough the pain that would impact every aspect of their lives for generations. There were leaders, who wanted Black people to become active members of the society that they in fact built. The innovative Shirley Chisholm, was a woman to admire. My mother talked a lot about her and Fannie Lou Hamer. These were women that she grew up watching in action, and they are two women that I uphold. I know what discrimination feels like- to walk into a room, store, or an organization seeking employment, and have people look at you, like you’re out of place. I’ve heard those derogatory names and comments used to describe me. I’ve done all the hard work and watched other people receive the benefits. It changes you, so, we must go against the odds! The disillusioned will become afraid of you, claiming that you are combative. When you seek your humanity, resistance will knock at the door with guns. You must remember that you are a fighter, and you have to keep pushing, because like Chisholm said, “racism is so universal in this country, so widespread and deep-seated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.” Be unbought, and stay unbossed. Be happy, embrace the all, and never be complacent.

Thank you,

Shila Iris